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Homewatch CareGivers is an Empowering Opportunity for Older Professionals

Developing a home health care business enables experienced workers to become their own boss and work on service with a larger purpose

For 20 years, Jim Nacchia, 72, managed large auto dealerships, and was a manager for the Bell system of companies before that. But it was while attending to his senior mother’s care with his siblings that he discovered the value of home health care for seniors.

Finding themselves at a loss to provide adequate home health care for their 93-year-old mother, Jim and his siblings finally found a service they could trust. This experience led Jim to dive into developing a business that would care for his mom just the way he and his siblings did.

He found Homewatch CareGivers and has developed a thriving home health care business. Jim’s three franchise locations have seen a spectacular growth rate of 10 percent almost since its start in 2009, with Jim and his family serving all of Delaware and Chester County, Pennsylvania.

By 2024, one in four U.S. workers will be 55 or older, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Experts predict that as the American workforce ages, there will be many more talented and capable professionals like Jim coming up the pipeline who are looking for meaningful work.

Home health care franchises like Homewatch CareGivers, where franchisees can be their own boss, are especially attractive propositions for active seniors like Jim. After all, not only does the business fill a niche for home health care with a growing demand for services, it is also especially fulfilling work.

“My greatest satisfaction is leaving behind a company that actually helps others and is owned and operated by my children,” Jim says.

Learn more from franchisees like Jim about why they chose to join the Homewatch CareGivers family.

Photo: Homewatch CareGivers of Wilmington team including Jim Nacchia (back right) and his two sons (right).

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