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Homewatch CareGivers Franchisees Forge Lasting Connections in Denver

Melinda Yeary is driven by an internal passion to increase awareness of Parkinson’s through her home care business in Colorado and rebooted her career to do so.

The best businesses are driven by internal passion. Melinda Yeary and Art Sanchez of Denver, Colorado, are proof.

Melinda has a background in real estate and Art was in the Air Force. But Melinda ran into challenges in home care when her mother became ill with Parkinson’s. Frustrated by the demands of balancing her career and caregiving, she started exploring a home care business that would meet the personal needs of seniors like her mother, with dignity.

Melinda and Art had already been looking to reboot their careers when they decided to explore the home care business. Melinda fell in love with the care approach that Homewatch CareGivers invests in.

Sure, franchisees within the senior care franchise network use proprietary home care software and the latest marketing tools, but it is the personal connections they develop with their clients and caregivers that sets them apart. Melinda and Art are Homewatch CareGivers franchise owners in the Denver-Arvada metro area of Colorado, and in the eight years they have been in the home care business, they have forged enduring ties with the community by delivering the best brand of personal care.

Relating to the challenges of living with Parkinson’s as she saw her own mother struggle with the disease, Melinda partnered with sister offices in the area and became silver sponsors for the Parkinson’s Association for the Rockies. Melinda has also led support groups for Parkinson’s caregivers and has worked to increase awareness of the disease throughout the community. She works hard to help seniors make the transition from senior centers to assisted living services and serves them with empathy.

Melinda’s commitment to forge personal ties with the community by focusing on her primary passion speaks volumes about the Homewatch CareGivers family, where franchisees focus on building relationships just as much as building their businesses.

Hear from other Homewatch CareGivers franchiseeslike Melinda Yeary and see why owning a home care business might be right for you.

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