Why Franchise Owner Training and Development Are So Important

Homewatch CareGivers’ Franchise Training and Development

Imagine starting a new venture or job without the proper training or (gasp!) no training at all. Some individuals can easily thrive with just on-the-job coaching, but they shouldn’t have to if a company is genuinely invested in their development. It isn’t easy to fathom any company hiring employees and not having a comprehensive training program established. For franchise owners considering a business in the home care industry, training is vital and can be the difference between a struggling franchisee and a thriving one.

The misconception is that training is just to help someone learn to perform a particular job or function. Contrary to this belief, training plays a more critical role in overall acclimation and growth, especially for home care franchise owners. Taking a deep dive into the concept, here are a few benefits that result in extensive training programs for franchisees.

Building Relationships Within the Franchise Network

Even before a franchise agreement is signed, the relationship building begins. Once the important decision is made to become a part of a franchise family, the training process should start the first week. The initial stages of franchise training are critically important because new franchisees begin to form relationships with home agency staff, the marketing department, the finance department, the operations team, and the all-important IT department. This first week of training helps franchise owners become acquainted with and aware of the levels of support available to them within the franchise network. They learn who to contact for troubleshooting as their business develops and who can provide specific support for their needs.

Hiring More Experienced Staff and Caregivers

A recent survey conducted by Accel + Qualtrics found that 40% of millennials and younger workers say training is their number one concern when looking for jobs. As franchise owners start building their business, employing and training staff and caregivers are critical parts for growth.

New franchise owners should consider these two factors about training’s influence on hiring:

  1. Training can be an appealing perk: Franchise networks that have attracted new owners with a robust training program can, in turn, attract caregivers equally invested in comprehensive training. This will ultimately help franchise owners draw in and hire better employees.
  2. Training can entice employees to stay long-term: Caregivers concerned about thorough training will likely want to continue learning and growing with the brand. These types of employees are continually learning new skills and discovering better ways to do their jobs.

Before agreeing to sign with any franchise brand, it’s crucial to find out about ongoing training for franchise owners and potential staff.

Consider what the training will focus on at every stage of franchise development. Next, think about what training programs will look for specific business positions, such as the office manager or intake manager and salesperson. If staff and caregivers aren’t given relevant opportunities to grow their skill set, it could adversely affect business growth and employee retention. TINYpulse reported that employees were 10% more likely to stay with their current employer when opportunities for professional development were readily available. Finally, consider if the franchise brand has a hand in helping franchise owners train new team members and caregivers.

Understanding the Company’s Culture

Training extends beyond just learning the ins and outs of the franchise brand. Franchise owners have the unique opportunity to learn about the brand’s culture and how healthy it is. During the first few weeks of training, franchise owners should get a deeper dive into the brand’s culture, i.e., the organization’s values and beliefs.

Keep an eye out for some specific brand culture aspects, including:

  • Feeling comfortable asking questions, with leadership’s willingness to answer those questions
  • Understanding of franchise owners’ long-term goals
  • Being introduced to leadership and other owners within the franchise network
  • Identifying franchisees’ growth and improvement opportunities
  • Participating in data-driven conversations designed to facilitate open communication

The Training Homewatch CareGivers® Provides Franchise Owners

At Homewatch Caregivers®, we are transparent with our new franchise owners about the type and duration of training they must undergo. The first year a franchise owner joins our network, they enter into pre-training that incorporates both virtual and in-person classroom instruction to prepare them to open their home care business.

The pre-training process includes:

  • A year-long, step-by-step business implementation program designed to provide a franchise owner with a team of home care experts
  • A robust online platform, identifying hundreds of critical path items for an efficient business launch
  • Interaction with patented Business Intelligence tools to proactively pinpoint franchisees growth opportunities
  • Private executive sessions with franchise owners to review key metrics, identifying business strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Open dialogue to discuss successes and challenges in the field

While we have been doing this a long time, there is still a lot to prepare franchise owners for a successful launch of their business and maintain a strong market position. We understand our owners’ success directly reflects the health and the vital importance of our culture and training programs.

If you’re ready to join our family of strong, business savvy franchise owners, call us at (888) 718-5318 or contact us online. To find out more about how we support and train our franchise owners, click here.

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