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During the COVID-19 health crisis, Homewatch CareGivers Franchise Opportunities has grown and surprised even our executive team with the many successes our entire company and franchisees have experienced. With uncertainty looming in 2020, we were still able to expand our reach with 37 new territories—21 of which will welcome new franchise operators into the mix—strengthen referral sources, and develop a unique care strategy for continued growth.

Because 2020 exceeded our growth expectations, it has positively altered our outlook about the future of in-home care and our franchise network as a whole.

Significant Growth in 2020

Growth has always been part of our plan, with domestic expansion being one of our top priorities. Trying to occupy the space in different North American territories we have yet to touch has proven to be less challenging than we previously thought. This is primarily due to in-home care’s increased demand in 2020, as many families have started looking for safer alternatives for care of their aging loved ones. According to the Administration for Community Living, 70% of adults 65 or older will likely need some form of long-term care during their lives. And we don’t expect this trend to slow down anytime soon.

Our Chief Operations Officer Jennifer Tucker told Home Health Care News last year that, “Because we’ve added so many new territories [in 2020], it means that we’ll have bigger numbers [in 2021].”

This prediction proved accurate as our franchise owners have taken on more clients, which has allowed for the hiring of more qualified, experienced, and compassionate caregivers. Significant growth of our industry also means more potential leads and partnerships are on the horizon for us.

Strengthening Relationships & Referral Sources

Since March of 2020, the relationships we’ve built with healthcare referral sources, such as home health, hospice, primary care, rehab providers, and hospitals have strengthened. We continue to keep in touch with their other healthcare spaces and contacts and nurture these relationships.

“[Those other providers], they’re still really important and they fill an important need,” Jennifer said. “We’re very friendly with folks in those other spaces, and we partner with them all the time. But I definitely think COVID-19 has highlighted the fact that care can be provided at home.”

So many families held the misconception that in-home care wasn’t an option for them before the pandemic. With an emphasis on distancing and staying at home, we inadvertently got a spotlight placed on our business and industry overall.

The Results of Investing in a New Virtual Care Strategy

We’ve always been a company on the cutting-edge of innovation for franchise owners and our clients. Investing in new virtual strategies for our franchise network has helped current franchise owners see significant success this new year and attract new franchise operators to our company.

Homewatch CareGivers Franchise Opportunities has seen so much interest in franchise ownership that the worry about finding experienced and qualified caregivers is becoming a reality. Acquiring and maintaining exceptional caregivers is where we will continue to focus our efforts in 2021. This is precisely why we’re instituting a virtual care strategy that will directly support franchise owners and caregivers.

Jennifer said, “The virtual care space [can be] really attractive to caregivers and something they really want to work with, and it drives caregiver satisfaction.”

We’re looking to drive efficiency with the virtual technology we’ve implemented, and only use in-person caregiving when absolutely necessary to mitigate the spread of illness to our caregivers and clients.

An Increased Need for New Franchise Owners

Historically, when our economy experiences a recession, franchisee interest goes on an upward trend. As with the current public health crisis, many home-based care providers have watched this trend resurface. Without having done much in terms of significant changes to the business, we see entrepreneurs flock to franchise opportunities that allow the freedom to chart their own course toward success.

“This whole trend around the downturn in the economy, it usually drives people to being interested in small business opportunities,” Jennifer said. “I just think with the pandemic, people are realizing the setting is going to be the home, and they want in on the business.”

Some of the reasons individuals transfer from corporate America to franchising include:

  • Concerns regarding layoffs
  • Implementation of salary cuts
  • Issues with management

Owning a franchise with Homewatch CareGivers Franchise Opportunities has always allowed entrepreneurs to control their fate while getting training and immersing themselves in-home care industry.

“They want to be in charge of their own future and want to build something,” Jennifer said. “I think that’s just the time for those more entrepreneurial corporate folks to go, ‘Yeah, I want to do something else.’ And it kind of gives them that extra boost to make a different decision.”

As we look toward the future, we hope to continue seeing more expansion across the country, an influx of best-in-class caregivers, and passionate franchise owners ready to make a positive impact on their community.

For more information about a home care franchise opportunity with us, call (888) 718-5318, or contact us online to get started.
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