How to own a Home Care Franchise without Experience

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The home care industry is flourishing, with it being worth over $320.6 billion, Homewatch CareGivers has already perfected its business model and wants to give it to you! Our franchise owners deliver multiple professional at-home services that are industry-leading.

For entrepreneurs, this is a perfect time to invest in the industry. Our approach to care is unique and powerful and is unlike any other franchise. As a business owner looking to go into home care, we do not require previous experience but would like to see similar qualifications such as:

  • You can follow our proven business model
  • You are seeking a people-driven service opportunity
  • You are civic-minded and a community partner
  • You want to play an active role as the owner of your business
  • You have experience leading and managing an array of individuals
  • You share a passion for our mission, vision, and values
  • You want to create jobs in your community
  • You are skilled at communication and networking
  • You are willing to collaborate on best practices with our support team and franchisee network
  • You are able to meet our financial investment requirements (minimum of $50,000 cash, $350,000 net worth, and ability to secure additional funding for working capital)

Owning a home care franchise with Homewatch CareGivers is a great investment because we offer business intelligence tools to help you become as successful as wanted. Many states are now requiring a license to operate a home care agency. Homewatch Caregivers has created help for our franchise owners to obtain their licenses and get their business up and running sooner. Here are some tools Homewatch CareGivers have implemented for franchise owners, even if they have limited home care experience:

Systems and Technology

Homewatch CareGivers provides tools and training for those who do not have previous experience in the home care industry. We help our franchise owners develop, differentiate, and grow by offering a lifetime training guarantee to all franchise owners and staff.


Our programs help you get the most out of in-person classroom training and will prepare you to pen your business after classroom training. Our 52-week step-by-step business implementation program is designed to guide your team to be subject matter experts. The online platform identifies over 300 path items for an efficient launch which you are taken through the first year of business.

Business Development

Homewatch CareGivers support team also provides our owners with the tools to recruit, train, and retain team members. We help provide:

  • Interactive online training
  • Detailed job descriptions
  • Interviewing best practices
  • Ramp-up and orientation tools
  • Employee coaching
  • Training platforms for ongoing education
  • Caregiver retention initiatives and best practices

Homewatch CareGivers help provide all our owners with or without experience the knowledge to become successful franchise owner. To learn more about how to start the process, click here

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