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A Homewatch CareGivers Owner is changing lives in Pennsylvania

Homewatch CareGivers owner Kirk Fisher of Williamsport, PA.

Kirk Fisher and his team in Williamsport, PA are committed to changing lives, one SUV at a time

Kirk Fisher joined Homewatch CareGivers in 2015 in Williamsport, PA. He took a degree in business into various careers, including a Treasury Analyst at DuPont retail manager for brands such as Lowe's and Gander Mountain. Also, He gave dozens of speeches annually as part of DuPont's "Speak Out!" program. After he had turned around operationally defunct retail stores and won awards for his leadership, he decided it was time to own a business himself.

He quickly rose to the top, grossing his first million in 2017, his first multi-million in 2019, and earning awards such as the Power of Perseverance Award during the Homewatch CareGivers Annual Conference in 2019.

Kirk says, “Our mission is to be an employer/provider of choice with better pay, better communication, work smarter and not harder philosophy where we creatively solve problems. We strive to be open and transparent, nimble and focused on what matters with each client. One of our most unique features is to provide loaner SUVs to caregivers who have no car or their car is in the shop.” Even though Kirk has become a very successful business owner, his proudest moment is found at the core of what Homewatch CarGivers values most: changing lives. “We had a client who required Adult Protective Services due to a breakdown in his family situation. Our office was part of helping this man move into a hotel temporarily and briefly until a ground floor apartment was found in a neighboring county. Meal delivery was set up, new accounts were set up for his finances, and a wheelchair ramp was built from his stoop to the street. We enabled this client to live with freedom and the ability to enjoy the last couple of years of his life.”

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