Why Invest in the Home Care Industry

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In 2022, the world is recovering from a global pandemic and now talk about an upcoming recession leaves investors unsettled. The home care industry provides essential services and has been historically recession-resistant. Now is still a great time to invest in a home care franchise.

Around 1 and 8 people are considered elder adults and by 2030, 25% of the population will be considered senior citizens. Long-term, short-term care for people is growing rapidly. Homewatch CareGivers is one of the best franchise opportunities in the home care industry because it allows entrepreneurs, like you, to offer multiple different services to maximize your profits.

When starting your own business, it can be risky, That’s where we come in. When you invest in a franchise with Homewatch CareGivers we already have a time-tested proven business model. We offer training to all our owners before and during the opening. We help offer:

  • Technology to Support the Business of Care. Our business-management software facilitates our care approach by capturing social history, matching caregivers, and even tracking outcomes.
  • Industry-Leading Proprietary Business Intelligence Tools. Business Intelligence tools help franchise owners focus on business priorities, diagnose problems, and spot opportunities.
  • Our Signature Care to Stay Initiative Focuses on Best Practices for Caregiver Recruitment and Retention. We have worked directly with select Homewatch CareGivers offices to develop best practices and measure results to recruit and retain the best talent. Our proprietary training platform, Homewatch CareGivers University, ensures ongoing, professionally developed training for your caregivers and staff.
  • Client Acquisition Model. Homewatch CareGivers offers unique tools to plan and position franchisees in the market to successfully grow and maintain clientele.

Explore available Homewatch CareGivers territories near you.

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