Homewatch CareGivers Combats Against Labor Shortages

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The health care industry is currently facing a sizable shortage of over 7% of workers, especially after COVID-19. Many caregivers are leaving the field, but health care is still the most profitable industry. As an owner of Homewatch CareGivers, we understand that your biggest worry is hiring and training long-term caregivers. That is why we help find, train, and certify employees. We created our own online program, Homewatch Caregivers University to help with employee training and longevity.

Our philosophy at Homewatch CareGivers is to help others no matter what care they need and we want all of our caregivers to abide by our mission. Therefore, we have created Homewatch CareGivers University. This is a training platform designed to help give caregivers the tools and resources they need. This also includes online accredited courses to help meet the training requirements that they need to stay current with certifications and licenses. As a franchise owner, you can assign courses to your caregivers and see their progress throughout the courses.

Homewatch CareGivers also provides business intelligence tools that work with our franchise owners to find opportunities to hire, recruit and retain caregivers. This includes:

  • Business Reviews: Franchise owners review metrics to identify what works for them regarding best practices for retaining staff
  • Comprehensive screening and hiring process
  • Interactive online training
  • Detailed job descriptions
  • Interviewing best practices
  • Employee coaching

Homewatch CareGivers wants to help you to provide a successful home healthcare business. This first starts with your employees. To learn more about how to start your entrepreneurial journey, click here.

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