What is a territory?

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Homewatch CareGivers exemplifies a remarkable franchise model by allocating specific territories to its franchise owners. The territories are tailored specifically for each owner, considering population density, economic conditions, competition, and other factors. By assigning specific territories, Homewatch CareGivers ensures that each owner has the best chance for success in their local market. In this blog, we will go more into depth about what it means to own a franchise in a certain territory.

When investing in a franchise many people hear the word “territory” but do not fully understand what that means. A franchise territory is an area where a franchise owner is allowed to establish and run their business. The size and area in which this territory is created is developed with collaboration between you and your Franchise Development Consultant. Homewatch CareGivers awards protected territories that are developed collaboratively with you as much as the market allows. Our development team will work with you using state-of-the-art demographic tools to build an optimal market area. We also work with you to ensure we are building a territory in a strategic area that will be a good source of business partners and referrals.

Our territories are designed to ensure maximum success, so you do not have to worry about redefined areas, Homewatch CareGivers territory consists of contiguous zip codes with healthy household incomes and a total senior citizen population (age 65+)  The actual geographic size will depend on how densely populated your area is. The franchise fee is $50,000 for a territory with a population typically containing 35,000 seniors. This fee allows franchise owners to operate under the Homewatch CareGivers brand name and allows access to ongoing support, a lifetime training guarantee, and proven processes and systems to help launch and grow a home care franchise. Please see our FDD to learn more about territories and pricing.

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