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Read All About It: Caregiving for Dads

Maybe since women tend to statistically live longer than men, people often think of caring for Mom when the time comes. However, Dads need care too as life changes and their adult children have stories to tell about the experiences.

Sometimes it can be helpful to read a book by someone else who has already tackled what might seem impossible; these experts might bring a little humor or insight that make your situation better.

Here’s a list of some books about caregiving for parents, or just fathers:

Amy Goyer is AARP’s caregiving expert based on her years of caring for both of her parents, including her father for 12 years after his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Her book, “Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving” is a mix of advice and personal stories.

My Dad Got Sick: Love & Insights from a Caregiver’s Unexpected Journey Through Cancer” by Jay Perry is a look at how one man handled caring for his father in a time of need. The book can be a balm to other caregivers who are going through the shock of suddenly helping their loved one.

Cindy McIntyre wrote, “Caring for Dad with Love and Tomatoes” when she found herself in the role of caregiver for her Dad after her mother passed away. This book is more of a journal than some others, sharing poetry and candid episodes of her time spent as a caregiver.

There are differences between caring for Mom v. Dad, and Dr. Linda Rhodes book spells it out in the title: “Should Mom be Left Alone? Should Dad be Driving?” She is the author of other books about caregiving for one’s parents as well.

No time for a good read? How about a movie about caregiving for Dad?

“Nothing in Common” stars no less than Tom Hanks as the son taking care of his diabetes-stricken father played by Jackie Gleason.

“Hanging Up” was written by Nora Ephron and features Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton, and Lisa Kudrow as sisters doing their best to care for their father, played by Walter Matthau, after his dementia diagnosis.

“Beginners” features Christopher Plummer (who won an Oscar for this performance) as a man who leans on his son, portrayed by Ewan McGregor, after his cancer diagnosis.

“The Savages” showcases how two siblings (played by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney) figuring out how to care for their 85-year old father.

Caregiving for a parent can be challenging and also wonderful. Either way, it can feel better when you can relate to another’s experience in a similar situation.

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