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What the Caregiver In Your Life Really Wants for Christmas

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Often during this holiday season, we get many questions from friends and family members who want to know what to get the caregiver in their lives. Perhaps you have a brother, sister, parent, or loved one who provides the majority of care in someone else’s life. It is only natural to want to get them something for the holidays that helps them, supports them, and provides them with comfort. At Homewatch CareGivers of Bryan College Station, we’ve heard you, and are here to help! Check out this extensive list of great ideas that you can use for inspiration to celebrate the caregiver in your life with gifts that they really want for Christmas.

Give the Gift of Time

This year for Christmas, let’s take a moment to remember that caregivers are people too. They have hopes, dreams, and pursuits that they probably put on hold at some point in time so that they could take care of their loved one. This means that there is a hobby they aren’t enjoying, a talent they aren’t putting to use, or a skill they aren’t learning that they’ve always wanted to. Whatever that is, you can give it to them with the gift of time.

Combine a gift card to an event, class, or studio that allows them to follow their hopes and dreams for a few hours a week! When this is combined with a gift certificate for in-home assistance that allows them the time they need to take the class, join the event, or work in the studio, it becomes a gift that deserves to be celebrated. Whether the caregiver in your life enjoys painting, or simply sipping on a glass of good wine, there is a way to make this happen for them. Get creative!

Connections During the Holidays

As we’ve gotten more handy with gadgets, we’ve lost focus on connections. This is easy to do when you spend the majority of your time texting or sending emails. The problem is that we all need connections to feel supported, and for some of us, those connections just need to be in person. During this holiday season, give the gift of connections by reaching out and making them happen!

If you live close enough to the caregiver in your life, you may consider a weekly lunch date that ends in some window shopping. Combine this with the gift of in-home help, even if it is just for a couple of hours a week to ensure that your loved one is cared for while the caregiver is out with you, then take your time to connect, talk, laugh, and have a good time.

If setting a weekly lunch date is difficult due to travel or a work schedule, try doing it virtually instead! Make sure that your loved one is cared for with respite care, then invite your loved one out to lunch, once you are both in a restaurant, you can FaceTime (or anther way to video chat) or call each other and enjoy a great conversation over a lovely meal.

Dont Forget

Homewatch CareGivers of Bryan College Station is here to help you have a smooth and healthy holiday season. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more tips, tricks, and guidance! We love to help, and we have more options than you may think! We’re always here with a few good ideas. Reach out today!

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