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What Caregivers Love About Their Jobs

The founder of Homewatch CareGivers, Paul Sauer, has said, “Caregivers are the heart of this business.”

It’s so true—that one-on-one interaction between caregivers and clients of all ages and abilities is at the core of in home care services. The reason that caregivers are the heart of a home care agency is because of what’s in their hearts, what they love about their jobs.

What better time than February to hear what caregivers love about their work?
Overall we know that people who choose to become professional in home caregivers do so because they want to make a difference in the lives of others. Also, they enjoy having a flexible schedule and the opportunity to start a career in the robust field of health care.

We’ve gathered comments from caregivers who work at Homewatch CareGivers locations around the country to share what they love about this work.

Robin D. has been with the Sarasota, Florida office since 2013.

“It’s the best when you go into a client’s home and they are a bit reluctant saying that they don’t think they need any help,” she says. “And then, after you are there for a while, they say they don’t know how they ever did without you, that you’re part of the family. That’s when you know you’re doing a good job.”

Doug C. is another caregiver in the Sarasota office. He enjoys working part-time as a caregiver to spend time with others who need a little company.

“I had a client who was 99 when we first met and I came to find out he wasn’t very happy,” Doug says. “But we hit it off and I treated him like the person he is, with respect and kindness, and got to see him laugh and smile.”

Jennifer N. is a caregiver in the Dallas, Texas office.

“Making the connection to the client is very important,” she explains. “The first time I met one of our clients who was very particular about who came into her home, I made sure she knew that the care provided was all about her and what she needed. I gave her the space that she requested and made sure to meet her care needs. We worked together as a team and as a result, the client asked me to come back. Every time I would work for her, I got to witness the joy and excitement she got from seeing me walk through the door.”

Tina K. is a caregiver and client service coordinator in the Silver Spring, Maryland office.

“What I love most about my work is to put a smile on my client’s face and to see them happy and appreciative,” she says. “When my clients tell me that I’m special or ask me if I’m coming back tomorrow, it makes me feel so good that I’m making an impact in their lives.”

Andy P. works for the Chapel Hill, North Carolina office and has been there since 2007.

“It’s emotionally satisfying work for me,” he says. “I can work fairly independently most of the time and I like getting to know the people I care for.”

Carroll H. has been with the Chapel Hill office even longer—since 2004—and has no plans to retire.

“I love helping people,” she says. “I’ve always had a heart that if I see somebody that needs help, I try to help out. I love what I do.”

If you’re considering senior care business ownership, factor in the meaningful aspect of employing people whose life purpose is to help others with their caring.

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