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18-Year-Old CNA from Chapel Hill NC Office Saves a Life

Homewatch CareGivers of Chapel Hill was recently featured by a variety of publications because of the 18-year-old certified nursing assistant, Wgoud Mansour, who saved a life during her first day on the job.

Here’s what happened: When Wgoud Mansour went to the home of a Chapel Hill couple in their late 80s for a 12-hour shift caring for the wife, she realized the woman’s husband was “not really having a good day.” Wgoud soon found the man lying unconscious in a hallway.

With the 911 dispatcher telling Wgoud to start CPR, the young nursing assistant started chest compressions, and the man’s pulse began to go back up. Anzor Gachechiladze, owner of Homewatch CareGivers of Chapel Hill, said he had never heard of a first-day story like this.

"This is very rare that someone on their first day on the job gets to do that. Someone who's never had one day of work experience. That's awesome," said Anzor.

He said the hospital told him the she likely saved the life of the elderly man, who was in cardiac arrest.

To that Mansour had a humble response.

"It was my first day but, you know, it's part of the job," she said. "You know you have to be prepared. And it's also like saving a life, it should be the first thing that you try to do. So to me it's just, I don't think I did anything heroic."

Hearing that comment, Gachechiladze noted the young woman's humility saying, "Every hero says that. But you know in my eyes and everybody else's, she is a hero. I mean, she saved a man's life."

Homewatch CareGivers of Chapel Hill exemplifies the organization's dedication to provide quality care services for those in need. More than 15 years ago, Anzor joined the Homewatch CareGivers family and received unparalleled support and expert advice from our Franchise Support Center, which strives to provide the finest foundation on which our franchisees can grow their services, staff and location.

Take the opportunity to join a brand whose franchisees, caregivers and employees are passionate about exceptional care. To learn more about the Homewatch CareGivers’ franchise opportunity, visit our franchise website.

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