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Jacksonville Franchisee Follows His True Passion with Homewatch CareGivers

After working in the corporate world for years, Ray Eaton realized he needed a career change. For Ray, he found this change in Homewatch CareGivers.

Ray and his wife, Mary, decided to open Homewatch CareGivers of Jacksonville following their move to Florida in 2013. Mary, who has been a special education teacher for years and is very involved in Special Olympics events each year, has always had a true passion for people and helping in any way she can. Their son, Brent, is also actively involved in the business.

“I am very fortunate to have both my wife and son working together with me to provide a true family business,” said Ray. “Together, this is our opportunity to give back to those who are in need and not sure where else to go or what to do.”

The Eaton family understands the importance of providing exceptional care. In fact, Ray and Brent recently won the “Enhancing Quality Care One Hour at a Time” award at the Homewatch CareGivers’ annual conference and awards ceremony in Boulder, Colorado. They were recognized with this award for providing over 10,000 additional caregiving hours year-over-year with a compassionate, knowledgeable and thoughtful approach to care.

“Ray, Mary and Brent have proven time and time again the difference quality caregiving truly makes in our clients lives,” said Jennifer Tucker, COO of Homewatch CareGivers. “They’ve set Homewatch CareGivers of Jacksonville apart by hiring skilled, knowledgeable caregivers who are compassionate in their approach to care.”

Homewatch CareGivers of Jacksonville will continue to take care of seniors and people of all ages to allow them to remain in the place they want to be the most – home.

“We never imagined after all of these years that we would be placed in a position that would allow us to really make a difference and have such a vital impact on the people of our community,” said Ray. “I am blessed to have such a strongly family and for us to realize the impact Homewatch CareGivers has not only for the people of our community, but for ourselves as well.”

Hear from other Homewatch CareGivers franchisees like Ray and see why owning a home care business might be right for you.

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