The Top 5 Tech Innovations in Senior Care

Woman showing senior man a tablet device

There’s no denying that technology has changed many aspects of our daily lives, and improved the way we engage with the world around us. As the tech industry expands even further, there’s also enormous potential for tech to improve the lives of seniors. From digital assistants to wearables, some of the latest tech trends will allow seniors to enjoy greater mobility, community support, and access to resources – all of which can result in better care outcomes.

At Homewatch CareGivers®, our franchise owners are on a mission to provide superior home care services, and ensure the dignity and safety of our elderly clients. By incorporating the latest tech innovations into our process and business model whenever possible, we hope to create a brighter future for seniors and their families.

Here are 5 of the top tech innovations we’re seeing in senior care:

  1. Tech wearables. Dozens of tech companies have now joined the “wearables” movement, creating health and fitness tracking devices that provide a wealth of biometric data for users. For senior care professionals, having quantitative information about heart rate, food intake, and sleep patterns can be extremely helpful in formulating better care plans.
  2. Smart homes and spaces. “Smart” security systems, virtual assistants, and automated appliances provide a new level of convenience for home owners – and that includes senior home owners, too! With smart homes, seniors may have greater peace of mind about their security, and easier access to help when needed.
  3. Automated medication reminders. Seniors living on their own may encounter challenges related to medication, especially if the required doses are time-sensitive. With the invention of automated pillboxes, however, family members can get an alert when their senior loved one forgets to take their medication for the day.
  4. Robot assistance for caregivers. Tech companies everywhere are pouring money into robotics research, and small wonder: Artificial intelligence has tremendous potential to help people of all ages and backgrounds. While robotic assistants will never replace human caregivers altogether, robots can still help seniors keep their minds alert and engaged, and provide some degree of companionship.
  5. Telemedicine options. Now that videoconferencing is widely available to anyone, it’s easier to imagine a future where seniors can access their health care professionals from a remote location. When combined with data from tech wearables and other devices, telemedicine has the potential to keep seniors in better health than ever before, all without having to leave the house as often.

Improving Our Communities with Quality Caregiving

Even though there are some exciting technological developments on the horizon for senior care, there’s still a growing need for human caregivers, as more and more seniors opt to “age in place.” Living at home can present many challenges for seniors, so having a qualified caregiver around to provide companionship, transportation, and chore assistance can put a family’s mind at rest.

If you’re interested in making your community better through caregiving, Homewatch CareGivers may have the right franchise opportunity for you. Our tried-and-tested business model puts our clients squarely at the center of everything we do, and we welcome any chance to integrate new technologies that can improve their lives.

For more information about our home care franchise opportunity, call (888) 718-5318 today!

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