Why own a Home Care Franchise vs. Starting Your Own

Wanting to be an entrepreneur and start your own business is a big step in your life. Knowing what business, you want to start is the first step. But do you want to franchise, or do you want to start off on your own? FranNet conducted a study showing that 92 percent of franchises were still in business after two years and 85 percent after the first five years. Compare to independent businesses 25 percent fail within their first year.

Franchises are notorious for having a higher success rate rather than start-ups for one key proponent: Business Model. Especially if you want to go into the home care franchise, having a time-tested business model backed behind you instead of investing so much money not knowing if it will work.

Let's look at Homewatch Caregivers, they have over 40 years of industry experience with a true time-tested model that has since flourished.

When you are opening your own business through franchising, you must look at key factors. HomeWatch Caregivers helps with:


Franchises have territories your business can purchase. Territories are the area within the franchise that is allowed to establish and operate the business. Our territories are not predefined but are developed via collaboration between you and your dedicated Franchise Development Consultant through Homewatch Caregivers.

Owner Profile

There is no single ideal candidate. Instead, we look for individuals who have the drive, goals, and compassion required to run an effective home care business. Some qualities that many of our franchise owners possess are:

  • Wanting to follow our proven business model
  • Seeking a people-driven service opportunity
  • A community partner
  • You want to play an active role as the owner of your business
  • You have experience leading and managing an array of individuals
  • You share a passion for our mission, vision, and values

At Homewatch Caregivers we help provide the experience of opening your own business by having the money work for you and not you work for your money. Being an entrepreneur and investing in a franchise instead of a startup will have you fall in love with our business model in no time!

Let’s Make Home Care
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