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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “My caregiver helps me keep my home clean and does my laundry. She helps stay safe in the shower. She makes me cinnamon raisin bread, which I love. And she is helpful in taking me to my appointments.”
    - John
  • “Our caregiver gives us the help we need. We are very pleased with the services that Homewatch provides.”
    - Janell
  • “The caregivers are attentive and trustworthy. The quality of personnel is much higher at Homewatch. They are well trained, and they provide stability. The office is responsive. A person actually answers the phone when I call, and they are always helpful.”
    - Linda
  • “My caregiver is intelligent, and I enjoy talking with her. She helps keep my house clean. She provides me transportation to my doctor’s appointments. She is great with directions and does not get lost. She holds out her arm for me to hold when we are walking and keeps me safe. I am thankful that I have her. She is dependable and kind.”
    - Jack
  • “I like Homewatch Caregivers because they show up on time and are very helpful. I enjoy their company. They help adjust my positioning in bed and make sure my pillows are in the most comfortable position. On my birthday, they decorated my room, brought cake, and made it fun!”
    - Ken
  • “Homewatch Caregivers have provided me with a wonderful caregiver! She is kind and attentive. She helps me remember to take my medicine. She is helping me de-clutter my home. She is consistently pleasant, and I enjoy her company.”
    - Sydelle
  • “Homewatch has been receptive to our needs, and available whenever I need to get hold of the office. The staff are friendly and cooperative. I like that Homewatch files our Long-Term Care Insurance for us. They get paid directly so I do not have deal with any of the paperwork. Our caregiver is wonderful! She anticipates our needs and proactively provides care. We love that she prepares food for us so that we do not always have to order in from a restaurant.”
    - Louise T.
  • “First and foremost, Homewatch is caring and very efficient, and responsive. Erns is suffering from Parkinson’s and dementia. Without our caregiver, it would be impossible for me to keep him at home.”
    - Marilyn
  • “Your card made me cry but it also made me smile that you all care enough about dad to write. We were there last week to settle his affairs – cleaning out his apartment was beyond painful. Dad’s scooter went to a veteran. His wheelchair, shower seat, canes and furniture went to charity. So hopefully many were helped. Thank you for the care you all gave dad, sometimes going way beyond what you had to. Being so far away was hard enough but knowing I could count on Homewatch helped a lot. Added note – getting Tina Withrow was to worth it!”
    - Cindy T.