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August- A Clients Story

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    Ken is a true Texan, born and raised in Greenville. He worked as a salesman, until he had a series of strokes. Ten years ago, while living in an assisted living facility, a group of the residents took a day trip. While on the road they were hit by an eighteen-wheeler truck. This resulted in Ken being a quadriplegic. Ken also has diabetes and COPD. Homewatch has been providing 24/7 care for him since May 2016. Our caregivers assist in bathing, dressing, and grooming. They care for his toileting needs and change his linens. They feed him and make sure he gets to enjoy his favorite snacks. They engage with him to practice his speech therapies, play games on his computer, and change the TV channels to the shows Ken likes to watch.

    1. Why do like Homewatch?

    Response: “The caregivers are funny, and I enjoy their company. ”

    1. How has Homewatch been helpful to you?

    Response: “The caregivers adjust my positioning in bed and make sure my pillows are in the best most comfortable place. I am particular about my food and how I want to be fed. The caregivers do a great job of doing this the way I want.”

    1. We know you have used other caregiving companies in the past. Is there something that stands out when comparing Homewatch to other companies?

    Response: “I like the Homewatch caregivers because they consistently show up on time and do things the way I like. They are very helpful.”

    1. What is your favorite memory with your caregiver?

    Response: “On my 52nd birthday, my caregiver decorated my room, brought a cake and food and nice presents. She made it fun!”

    We are thankful to provide the care that Ken needs. We look forward to helping him stay healthy and safe for many years to come.

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