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San Juan Capistrano Dana Point, Rancho Santa Margarita, and South Orange County


Getting Started

We are available
24 hours a day,
7 days a week

Call us at (855) 759-5131

You can reach us by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because your call is important to us. If we happen to miss your call, we will return your message within 1 hour during normal business days and within 3 hours during evenings and weekends

Email Us

We monitor our emails 7 days a week. Expect a reply within 1 hour between 8am and 6pm, or by 9am the following day if after 6pm evenings and weekends.

When we first receive our initial inquiry from the client, we begin our process to understand and care for the client. We begin by gathering as much information as possible over the telephone to facilitate a "perfect match" between client and caregiver.

Immediate Care, No Matter Where You Are

We can start taking care of your family member immediately; even if you are not available in person to sign paperwork on behalf of your loved one. This includes a seamless discharge from a facility. You can complete any paperwork via email or fax, if your loved one cannot do so.


Evaluating Our Care and Your Needs

We come to you and create a custom plan

Scheduling the Evaluation

We can come to your loved one’s home or meet at the facility where your loved one is currently staying to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your loved ones needs. In most cases we can conduct the evaluation the same day you reach out to us.

Creating a Care Plan

We visit the client and complete a thorough process of understanding all aspects of the client, their living situation, and the care needed to support their peace, dignity, and wellbeing. We conduct safety and fall evaluations, as well as social history to understand what the client likes to do so we can maximize socialization while caring for the client. After this meeting, we know which caregiver would be the perfect match. We return to the home on the first day of caregiving to introduce our caregiver to the client and family. We also introduce a client notebook that contains the Plan of (daily) Care for the client. This allows us to recorded daily events and issues, as well as observe trends and behaviors to substantiate the plan of care is working.


Partnering in Care

We provide weekly progress and listen to feedback

Care Progress Reviews

We can make available to you weekly progress notes about your loved one's weekly activities with our Lawton tool.

How are We Doing?

We will ask you from time to time for feedback of how we are doing.We also return to the home to do an evaluation of the caregiving from the client’s perspective. Are they happy with the service being provided? What could we do to make it even better? Are there coaching points for the caregiver to be even better? This is the beginning of our journey with the client and it can change over time as the health of the client changes. We want to always be aware of providing the very best in caregiving by continually observing and understanding all changes in the client or their environment. These Quality Assurance visits a way we stay on top of things.