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What is the Veteran HHA Program, and How Can I Qualify?

Access Quality Home Care Services for Arvada Military Veterans

Caring for our veterans as they age is a matter of honor and respect for the sacrifices they have made. Supportive care becomes crucial as these heroes move into their later years to help them live with dignity, comfort, and independence.

Recognizing the unique needs of these individuals, the Veteran's Health Administration (VA) has established the Veteran Home Health Aide (HHA) Program. This program is specifically designed for veterans who require personal care services and assistance with activities of daily living.

At Homewatch CareGivers of Arvada, we understand the intricacies of navigating the eligibility criteria for the VA’s various programs and benefits. Our team is here to assist you in exploring your options and guide you through the process of understanding the clinical criteria necessary.

Who Is Eligible for the Veterans’ Home Care Program?

To be eligible for veteran home care assistance through the VA, a veteran must need help with at least two activities of daily living.

These might include:

  • Balance while walking
  • Assistance with bathing or dressing
  • Transferring from a chair or bed,
  • Meal preparation

Additionally, veterans with severe cognitive disorders like Dementia or Alzheimer's disease also qualify.

While our team can provide additional homemaking services once a veteran is qualified, it's important to understand that homemaking alone does not determine eligibility for this program. Our team is here to support and guide you through the process, ensuring that our veterans receive the comprehensive care and assistance they need.

How Much Does the VA Pay for In-Home Care?

The amount the VA will contribute towards in-home care services for veterans can significantly vary, influenced by factors such as individual income and the veteran's disability rating.

Navigating the complexities of these financial considerations can be challenging, but our team is here to assist you. We specialize in helping veterans and their families understand their specific eligibility criteria and associated costs for in-home care services.

Our Veteran Care Services in Arvada

Homewatch CareGivers of Arvada takes great pride in offering compassionate, high-quality home care services tailored specifically for our honored veterans. Recognizing the unique challenges and needs faced by those who have served our country, our dedicated team is committed to providing supportive care that enhances the quality of life for veterans in their own homes.

We offer various services in Arvada, including (but not limited to):

Our caregivers are rigorously trained and background-checked, ensuring trustworthy and proficient care. We pay special attention to matching our caregivers with clients to provide a harmonious relationship that respects the veteran's needs, preferences, and personality.

Contact Our Home Care Team

If you're a veteran or caring for one, initiating the process to receive these specialized services is straightforward—contact your VA primary care provider (PCP) and request a referral to your case manager. Tell them you’d like to work with Homewatch CareGivers of Arvada.

We're here to guide you through every step, offering assistance and ensuring you understand your options and eligibility for care. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team for a clear path toward quality, personalized care in the comfort of your home.

To learn more about our in-home care services for veterans, contact us online or call (720) 605-7108 today.

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