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Employee Spotlight is a Homewatch CareGivers of Crystal Lakeblog seriesmeant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind our local caregiving service. From office workers and owners to the actual caregivers in the field, you’ll get to hear stories from our team so you can get to know the people who makes us who we are.

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As a caregiver, Marta Haliotis’ work is at the heart and soul of what makes Homewatch CareGivers of Crystal Lake (HWCG) who we are because her work directly with clients has the power to define the experience of her clients. In search of work that could enrich her soul and give her meaning, Marta discovered caregiving after years in retail work. Now she feels as if her work is making a difference in the world.

I asked Marta to tell me about her favorite experience with a client and she told me about a client, Patrick (not his real name), who had worked with 3+ caregivers and kept asking for new ones because he was unsatisfied. When Marta first met Patrick, she says that he was easily irritated, and generally unhappy, but instead of writing him off or taking offense Marta treated him with kindness and respect. One simple thing she did for Patrick was whenever she helped him move from his armchair into a wheelchair, she was sure to carefully fold and place his lap blanket back on his chair before moving on her next task. Patrick took notice of this small act of respect and told her how much it meant to him that she displayed this simple courtesy. After some time working with Patrick and persisting with person-directed care, he started to soften toward her and what began as a transaction transformed into a deep friendship. Because of Marta’s heart for Patrick and persistence to treat him well, Patrick was able to let his guard down and trust her, which is not a small thing for Patrick. This example of human-centered care is what elevates Marta’s care from being merely transactional into a care that transforms lives, or at least was able to change Patrick’s life for the better.

When Marta is not at work, she enjoys canoeing, hiking, and riding bikes with her husband and three children. When in the outdoors she also enjoys taking an easel and some paints with her to try and capture the beauty of the landscapes.

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