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Employee Spotlight is a Homewatch CareGivers of Crystal Lakeblog seriesmeant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind our local caregiving service. From office workers and owners to the actual caregivers in the field, you’ll get to hear stories from our team so you can get to know the people who makes us who we are.

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Lisa Schmidt has been a caregiver with Homewatch CareGivers of Crystal Lake for nearly a year now but has already made a big impact on her clients. She was drawn to working as a caregiver because of her love for the senior population and has enjoyed the opportunities to learn from people with greater life experience. Lisa’s work not only provides a service for her clients but an opportunity for both their lives to be enriched in the process.

Lisa’s favorite thing to do with her clients is to just chat and spend time with them as she accomplishes her tasks. These conversations are often mundane, but they create a special relationship where she is able to restore a sense of normalcy back to her clients. Many elderly folks struggle with loneliness and depression because they live alone or cannot do all the things they used to enjoy and Lisa, knowing this, seeks to just add at least a piece of ordinary living back into their day. She is able to do this because she recognizes the nature of her work being to provide a blend of personal and professional care. It can be all-too-easy for caregivers to simply do their tasks and leave, but Lisa’s listening posture and personal care allows her to create lasting relationships with her clients, and makes her well-loved by all. This person-directed approach to care is something Lisa does particularly well and it’s something that sets the caregivers of Homewatch CareGivers of Crystal Lake apart.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys caring for her rescue dog, Cooper, and rescue cat, Luna, with her husband and son. When Lisa first took Cooper in, he was only 25 pounds, had heartworm but as Lisa and her husband slowly nursed him back to health, he steadily gained weight and is now a healthy 95 pounds!

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