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Experience Innovative Eldercare Without Moving to Amsterdam: Hogeweyk, Homewatch CareGivers, and Groundbreaking Principles of Eldercare in Kane County

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Step into a world where warm, vintage furniture and personal mementos create a comforting living environment, seamlessly blending a living room with an interconnected dining room. Soft, ambient lighting welcomes you into a place where a sliding glass door opens to a serene courtyard and patio. The plaza, a picturesque oasis between the apartments, is adorned with reeds, lush bushes, native trees, and a well-trodden path, which leads residents to a variety of shops and engaging activities. As you wander through this charming Dutch village, you may be surprised to learn that what truly distinguishes this village is its purpose - Hogeweyk is the memory care unit of a nursing home. Hogeweyk redefines the traditional notion of elder care within an institutional setting, challenging preconceptions of nursing homes and memory care facilities. notice one thing that sets it apart from the ordinary: its residents. Within Hogeweyk, you will find casually attired seniors and staff members participating in activities alongside engaged local community members which makes this community stand out in more ways than one. The level of autonomy and respect that elders enjoy at Hogeweyk is nothing short of remarkable. This groundbreaking approach to elder care has captured global attention, earning accolades from news agencies worldwide.

On October 24, 2023, the NPR podcast Throughline released an episode entitled "Model Village," centered around Hogeweyk and how elder care can be different. Podcast host Roman Mars discussed how this state-funded memory care facility, which opened in 2009, began challenging prevailing care systems by creating a less institutional and more home-like environment for people with dementia. Mars demonstrated to his listeners that through innovations in architectural design and the way dementia care is typically approached, the lives of the residents at Hogeweyk improved significantly compared to those in traditional nursing homes.

Hogeweyk is renowned for several reasons. First, they believe that upholding the dignity of each person is central to providing the best dementia care. Second, they believe that caregivers must allow for elder autonomy to achieve dignity for elders. Third, they believe that elders have a right to a calm and homey environment

Before you rush to the Netherlands with your aging loved ones, consider the resources already available in your home and community. No, there are no Hogeweyks in Elgin, or even in the United States, but we at Homewatch CareGivers of St. Charles have been implementing many of the principles that have made Hogeweyk famous for top-quality home care right here in Kane County for many years.

A facility that breaks free from the old mold of clinical care with an institutional feel is crucial for our world. However, we believe you can experience the same type of care as Hogeweyk residents within your home. While nicer furnishings in a nursing home are important, there's nothing more comfortable and dignifying than staying in your own home. We partner with elders to ensure they maintain their maximum level of autonomy. Our customizable home care services in Aurora not only allow you to stay in the comfort of your own home, but they also provide you and your loved ones with opportunities to remain active members of the community. You can set your caregiver schedule to help as much or as little as you need and can even prioritize specific activities like shopping, cleaning, cooking, or spending time together.

We understand that finding the right elder care services is a deeply personal experience that can feel overwhelming. The cultural narrative around nursing homes can be quite negative, and many people don't know that home care is a flexible option that can fit various budgets and needs. This leaves many families feeling stuck. Here at Homewatch CareGivers of St. Charles, we are here to help, and we believe memory care should be a dignified and joyful experience. Our home care services offer a unique level of care that, for the right client, surpasses the care of even the very best nursing homes.

Hogeweyk and other innovative nursing home pioneers are starting to change the narrative around memory care, and so are we. Our core principles prioritize dignified, autonomous, and safe care which sets us apart, and makes your choice of a home care provider an easy one.

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