The Story Behind Our Veteran Benefits Offerings

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Author: Jody Namoca, Owner

The word Veteran isn’t foreign to me as the owner of Homewatch CareGivers of South Aurora. I cannot remember a time in my family where we didn’t consistenty talk about Veterans, honor veterans, celebrate Veteran’s day, Memorial Day and July 4. That beautiful flag of red, white and blue waving in our front porch as a child engrained a tradition that brought those values to my current home to keep that flag waving. Why? My Dad served in the Vietnam War which created a long line of veterans in my immediate family. My older sister went to the Army at 17 with written permission from my father. My brother served in the Navy and later the Coast Guard. His son served in the Army. I myself, married a Navy Veteran and my 23 year old son currently serves in Norfolk VA, for the United States Navy. There is nothing short of the most amazing pride I have for my family and it is extended in gratitude for all that serve.

This lifestyle has been engrained in me since birth and, in my mind, it is of utmost importance that I honor those who have fallen, survived and been a spouse to the heroes. This is why it was imperative to partner with an incredible company, Veterans Care Coordination. VCC has worked with thousands of veterans to get their Aid & Attendance benefit and they do this in a manner that is quick and efficient. Now I can offer to those that qualify a way to utilize home care services and transportation and provide this to those that need it the most. These services can include transportation to appointments, errands, grocery shopping, personal care, meal prep and companionship. Call HWCG South Aurora today at 303-800-0206 and let’s get your veteran started and honored like they need to be. 

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