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Assisted Living Partner You Can Trust

Assisted Living Partner, Willow Park

There are some great assisted livings located in our community. One of those is Willow Park. I’ve worked with them for past 10 years to help care for some of the seniors in our community. Chelsea Santiago and Mary Hall-Smith (pictured below with me) are some of the finest people I know who are always looking out for the senior’s best interest even if it means informing a senior that they may not be a fit for their community. They are also great at being a resource to our seniors by partnering with us to provide extra help to get someone settled in their community or help a resident who might be a temporary fall risk and need one-on-one help for a time. When a senior isn’t ready to move into their community they also refer them to us to help them in their home if help is needed. Many community representatives would hesitate to do this out of concern that the senior might just remain in their home for a while. Very unselfish ladies!

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