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Elite Caregivers!

Caregivers who have been with Homewatch for 5 or more years holding their awards

What does it take to be an Elite caregiver?

Recently we held an awards dinner to honor all of our caregivers who have been with us for 5 or more years!

It was a wonderful night as we enjoyed dinner together and then had the opportunity to recognize these amazing caregivers who have been with us for so long! We are most grateful for each of their efforts to care for so many of our clients over the years. These are truly dedicated caregivers who go above and beyond to care for our clients in their homes.

Besides longevity, which is a huge reason in itself, these caregivers have proven to be elite caregivers by their words and actions. They are willing to take last minute shifts when they can to care for someone in need. They have been with some clients for a long period of time, by our clients’ request. They have taken care of clients through end of life, as difficult as it is, and then were ready to take on the next person who needed their help. They all came to us with experience, but they’ve added to their knowledge and experience by taking more classes in an effort to fine tune their skills and in some cases learn new skills.

We look forward to honoring them again in five years and expect most of them will still be with us!!

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