Keeping Your Loved One Involved During Halloween

family celebrating halloween

A theme that we hope is constantly conveyed in our blogs is that caregiving includes a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, and needs. This means that often times we have loved ones who are parents, grandparents, siblings, or children that we care for. So, when it comes to Halloween, we want to make sure that you have the tips and tricks you need to keep your loved one involved in the holiday. Remember, whether your loved one is 6 or 60, there are still ways to celebrate! Keep reading for more ideas on how to kick off the spooktacular season no matter what your loved one struggles with.

Decorations, Pumpkins, and Jack-O-Lanterns

Our age doesn’t stop any of us from appreciating a great jack-o-lantern, especially if it is on display! Caregivers and their loved one can enjoy every aspect of this Halloween tradition.

  • Plan an outing where you and your loved one can enjoy the day picking out the perfect pumpkins. This provides the perfect socialization opportunity, and a relaxing afternoon for every age group.
  • Choose a day to celebrate with family, gather together, carve pumpkins, and even dabble with some cooking if you choose to. This gives your loved one a chance to gather in a smaller group and enjoy the company of others, and it also sparks creativity. The artistic process has even been shown to boost cognitive function. It may also give you a break if you are the main family caregiver.
  • Spend some time thoughtfully placing decorations, pumpkins, and jack-o-lanterns outside. Try to make sure that the decorations are safely placed to avoid trip hazards for potential trick-or-treaters.

Make it a Week of Movies

Your age doesn’t stop you from enjoying a couple of hours of escape. Celebrate the season by watching a spooky movie each night in honor of the holiday. Make it a week of movies! If you have a loved one who is younger, then plan out a week of smash Disney hits. If your loved one is older, then pick some classics that help transport everyone back in time. Halloween movies don’t have to be scary, they can be silly and funny too! The Ghost Busters, The Addams Family, and even Young Frankenstein can give you and your loved one a much needed break, and you might be surprised at the positive results!

Movies help us all find and express our own emotions, and we often release positive chemicals in our brain at the end of a movie when everything goes well. Older individuals watching movies are able to escape for a short time into their past when life was less complicated, and younger individuals enjoy imagining themselves in a world free of worry. Family caregivers may also find some relief in a couple of hours where their loved one is positively distracted.

Alternative Halloween Night Plans

Talk with your loved one about how they feel about Halloween Night. If you both think it might be overwhelming, or if the thought of staying home and dodging the doorbell doesn’t appeal to you or your loved one, then consider coming up with an alternative to the traditional Halloween night plans. If you get creative, then there are more than a few options.

  • Host a Gathering – Make a guest list of a few close friends or family members. Prepare goodie bags, crafts, and bake cookies. When your loved one is actively involved in planning a gathering, it gives you both a sense of purpose and a goal that can be achieved. It also helps both you and your loved one have activities to do for a few days before the big night.
  • Plan a Night of Trick-Or-Treating – If you have a younger loved one, scope out the local trunk-or-treat events, and try to find a crowd that works best for your kiddo. There are plenty of low-key, low crowd events that are quieter if you look for them. If you have an older loved one, you can choose to hang out with them on the porch and hand out candy. This way you don’t have to get up and down to answer the door, and your loved one can easily call it quits by going inside if they get overwhelmed.
  • Home Care on Halloween – Many caregiving facilities provide an easy-going celebration on the night; it might be worth looking into what your local facility has planned. You can also ask for additional help from a respite care provider to help your own personal celebration happen, no matter what it looks like.

No matter what you and your loved one chooses to do for a spooktacular week, or a spirited Halloween night, Homewatch CareGivers of Bryan College Station is here to help. We can provide you with the information or resources you need to pull off the perfect Halloween celebration. Our goal is always to ensure that your caregiving experience is positive, and your loved one is surrounded by respect and dignity. Keep reading our website for more tips and tricks, or contact us today to learn more.

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