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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “Yes I would really recommend Homewatch CareGivers of Katy. Their associate Stephanie has really helped us out when we needed some home help. They are better than the other home help services we tried! Good choice!”
    - Michael Hines
  • “We have been using Homewatch Caregivers in Katy for over two years now and I give them a 5 star rating. Our regular ladies Stephanie Johnson and Laura Lucio have always been attentive and compassionate with my wife's care and delivered an excellent level of service. I recommend this company highly and the office team led by Shameka Jackson.”
    - Jonathan Lucas
  • “Home watch came to me through my hospice program and it was explained to me very thoroughly what the caregivers were able to do for me seeing as though I was only seeing nurses and nurses aids twice a week, I needed the assistance from HomeWatch. After a few adjustments with one of their personnel , the perfect caregiver arrived. I’m extremely satisfied with my caregiver and the great care she has given me. I consider her a friend now, one of the last I’ve made here on earth. Mo’s compassion and gentleness has made this journey easier and even had some humor in it. I wish her well in her endeavors. She is a kind, kind woman. I will always be watching over her and hers. Thank you Home Watch for making sure my care was in the best hands. With Love Claudia Jendron”
    - Claudia J.
  • “I had a fall in October last year, and was stuck in a nursing home. Yadira and Anthony helped me get everything settled to return home. I worked with several caregivers who really put effort into making me comfortable at home. Unfortunately I could not afford the services and had to let go of the company, however they allowed me to continue working with the caregivers I had with out a penalty after speaking to the owner directly. I recently had another fall and was stuck in a nursing home again, but was able to hire the same caregiver who is now helping me get home.”
    - Richard M.
  • “I am a client of Homewatch Caregivers. I met Mr. Anthony Serrano one month ago when he came to my home to do an assessment. I was immediately taken in by his personality and delightful sense of humor. He is excellent at discerning personalities and responds accordingly. I liked him immediately. I searched the Houston/Katy area for a good, qualified caregiver on and off for eight years. Anthony accomplished in less than a month that which no other company could do in eight years. He found two caregivers who are exceptional individuals. He did this by carefully listening to what I related to him in what I desire as a companion. He is extremely mature for a man of tender age. I can not describe his wonderful qualities without looking up words in the Thesarus. Furthermore, I believe he will succeed in all of his career choices. Anthony presents in a warm and caring manner. This bodes well for those searching for a caregiver for their loved one. On a scale from 1-10, I enthusiastically give Mr. Serrano a 10. One cannot go wrong placing their trust in this young man.”
    - Phyllis H.
  • “I contacted Homewatch in search of a company that could help me take care of my sick mother. Anthony S came to our home and gave us a quote for service. The amount we received was out of our budget. Even though we were not able to afford this company, they helped us anyway. They have helped me find help for my mother that is within our budget. They have come to our home on several occasions just to help and suggest ways to simplify our difficult task and charged us nothing. This company truly cares about the people they come in contact with and the have a desire to help. I’m so grateful that I met Anthony and the Homewatch team. They have truly made this difficult time in my life easier and bearable. Thank you Anthony and The Homewatch team.”
    - Ann P
  • “My involvement with Caregivers was brief. But I was impressed and encouraged by the professional approach to my needs. .They provided exactly the services I asked for. And they did it in a courteous and friendly manner that I really appreciated. Thanks very much.”
    - Carl
  • “Homewatch CareGivers has been a delightful company to work with. We were looking for companion care for my parents, and were referred to them by a friend. The office staff is excellent. Ingrid and Leticia have been very accommodating. My parents and I were given the opportunity to interview three people in an effort to find the best person for the job. We agreed that Sandra would provide the support they need, and she has done a stellar job. Mom and Dad are happy, I am happy, and Sandra has definitely been an upbeat and positive addition to their lives. Thank you to all for communicating clearly and often. Thank you, Anthony, for delivering an Easter Basket that brightened their day!!! I highly recommend giving them a try!!”
    - Robin Brodie
  • “We were in need of companion care for my mom and dad, and Homewatch Caregivers allowed us to interview 3 people until we found the professional who has been best able to serve all of our needs. We are very happy with Sandra, who currently provides assistance and companionship to them 3 days a week. She is upbeat, easy to talk to, and my parents look forward to the days she comes to work. She has been helpful with running errands with them, cooking, and even accompanied them to the emergency room when a visit was required. The office staff is knowledgeable, communicates effectively, and works with us to keep us informed. Leticia and Ingrid have been wonderful from the beginning. And recently, Anthony delivered an Easter basket to my parents' home, which I thought was a very kind and considerate thing to do!”
    - Robin Brodie