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Giving Back to Our Louisville Community

Check out some of the ways Homewatch CareGivers of Louisville has been helping the community

Artist's Inspiration!

Artists inspiration by Barbra

Homewatch CareGivers of Louisville participated in the Walk To End Alzheimer's event over the weekend!


Walk to end Alzheimer's event

Community outreach event!

Join The Springs at Stony Brook for a complimentary
Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Group. Click here for details!

When : Wednesday June 24, 2020 from 2:00Pm-3:00PM (Zoom Meeting)!

WLKY Television has teamed up with Commonwealth Credit Union to recognize folks in our community who are making a difference in the world today. We have asked our viewers to let us know of someone that has gone above and beyond.

CONGRATULATIONS, Tammy Kaninberg from Homewatch CareGivers in Louisville has been selected as a Community Spotlight Winner! Here is what was written about Tammy:

Tammy always has the needs of others in heart and on her mind!

She has been using all her work and community contacts to virtually discuss ways to assist as many senior living communities and the clients and caregivers at our company. She worked to find sources of hand sanitizer and masks to share out. She has been delivering goody bags, pizza and even donuts to senior living communities while wearing her face mask to keep them safe.

Tammy truly has been getting creative while rethinking the way she does her job in the safest way possible!

She is an inspiration to all!

Homewatch CareGivers appreciates Tammy's efforts in the community and considers her to be essential to our operation!

Thank you Tammy for all you do! This is a card made by a neighbor after a Facebook request was sent out to make cards to thank caregivers. Our caregiver Alicia has been with us for a few years now and always shows dedication to her clients! We are thankful for her and all of our caregivers! 🌸

card for Alicia

Our dedicated Caregiver Mary sends her love and says, “I Love my work. It is so rewarding!” 😍

It is Caregivers like Mary who take precautions to stay safe for her clients and are still committed to providing excellent compassionate care!

Homewatch CareGivers in Louisville Kentucky greatly appreciates Mary!

Mary staff team member

Join us on Wednesday, March 11th for our Dementia Support Group hosted by Homewatch Caregivers of Louisville.

Dementia Support Group Flyer

Spalding University Career Fair in Louisville!

Homewatch CareGivers is honored to offer part time job opportunities to the awesome students at Spalding University!

Career Fair Louisville

Angie Banks, Director of Operations and Tammy Kaninberg, Community Outreach Manager organized and implemented a special Valentine's Day activity last week for some residents in the local retirement community.

Joyce at the Valentines Day events

Valentines day special event

Tammy, community outreach manager at the event Valentines day event

Join us next Saturday, January 11th for our Dementia Support Series with Group Host Tammy Kaninberg.

Dementia Support Group Flyer

Join us on Wednesday, December 11th for our Dementia Support Group hosted by Homewatch Caregivers of Louisville.