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Caregiver Recognition: Alixx Arons

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Caregiver Recognition

Recently, we had the chance to celebrate one of our exceptional caregivers, Alixx Arons, through Happen Idaho. Happen Idaho is a non-profit association of healthcare providers that offers education and networking opportunities to healthcare professionals who show outstanding promise. Alixx has always expressed interest in furthering her education in the medical field. This year, we were able to nominate her for a scholarship that would allow her to advance in her healthcare career. The scholarship pays for the nominee to take a Certified Nursing Assistant course for free while also paying for their books and scrubs. We were so honored to have Alixx be one of four to win this amazing opportunity.

Alixx has not been with us for very long, but we have seen her potential in many ways. One of our Client Care Coordinators wrote of this potential in Alixx’s nomination letter. She said:

“Alixx has been with Homewatch CareGivers for approximately three months, and throughout that short time, there has been no doubt in my mind that she is going to go far in the medical field. She is compassionate, honest, patient, and so loving towards our clients. I have personally witnessed tremendous growth in her over the past three months. She always puts our clients first and is amazing at anticipating their needs.”

We are delighted to have someone like Alixx on our staff and are so proud of her accomplishment. We are very excited to be a part of her journey and can’t wait to watch her grow in her career.

At Homewatch CareGivers of Idaho, each of our caregivers strives to uphold the values that Alixx exhibits (such as compassion, honesty and patience) and put them into practice while we serve clients in the Treasure and Magic Valleys.

Group of people posing for photo

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