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A common question we receive from clients and their families is how do you screen your caregivers? Many have hesitation with trusting caregivers to come into their homes and want to know whether they can place their trust in us to properly screen our caregivers. It is our policy that all of our staff must be screened by a private investigator who provides us with a comprehensive report of any legal issues someone may have had with the law. This background check goes deeper than what I’ve seen and heard from other agencies. This is a deeper and more comprehensive background screening than is required by Idaho or other agencies. The report can include any records that may have been “expunged” (or sealed) by the courts. While we can’t have access to expunged records, our private investigator can review the record and give us a general idea of whether we should be concerned about this or anything else.

In addition to the comprehensive and deep background checks we perform, we also do drug test screening and review their driving records. This gives us a more comprehensive picture of our applicant to know whether they match our hiring standards. Even more important than the depth of the background checks we have access to, when we find out there’s a troubling mark on their background that doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t hire them! For example, we ask our caregivers up front to please let us know if they have anything troubling on their background before we facilitate the report and screening. We never compromise our hiring standards. For example, even if an applicant had a felony year ago, we will not employ them. While we cannot guarantee there will never be an issue, we can continue to provide the comprehensive screenings of all our employees which is the best measurement tool to determine potential future issues. We are also fully insured should and incident ever occur. Protecting our clients and our employees is our highest priority!

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