dementia care

  • Will You Need Home Care?

    So often people think of others—such as their aging parents—when considering in-home care, but maybe it’s time to apply all that research to…you.

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  • How to Talk About Alzheimer’s Disease with Friends and Family

    An illness such as Alzheimer's disease may feel like a private matter that you don’t want to share with others out of concern for privacy or just a preference not to burden others. But it can be beneficial to talk to family and friends after a diagnosis.

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  • Four Senior Care Tips for Summer

    It’s time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with loved ones. If you help a senior, there are few things to keep in mind to so they can stay healthy and safe this summer.

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  • Caregiving Tips for Arthritis Support

    A person who is living with arthritis may need more help in the home with every day tasks. Whether you are someone who is helping out a loved one who is living with the symptoms of arthritis or a professional caregiver, there are some ways to make this much easier for both of you.

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  • Mom: The Original Caregiver

    We’ve created a new video to say, ‘Thanks!’ to all of the moms out there on Mother’s Day. Watch our video and maybe even share with your mom today.

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  • Does Your State Have Paid Leave for Family Caregivers?

    As the needs of a loved one develop and shift, a volunteer caregiver may find themselves missing time at work and feeling increasingly stressed. Learn more about paid leave for family caregivers in your state.

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