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Home Care

  • Tips and Tricks for Cooking with Seniors

    Contrary to popular belief, there are many easy ways to help keep seniors active in the kitchen. Here are some guidelines on helping your senior loved ones easily make a variety of foods.

  • What Is Respite Care?

    Respite care is when a family caregiver is given a break, or a rest, or a respite, from their responsibilities caring for a loved one. This break might occur when another family member steps up for a time, or by hiring a professional caregiver to do some of the caregiving instead of the family.

  • An In-Home Evaluation: What to Expect

    Choosing to bring in professional home care assistance to support yourself or a loved one is a big decision. Make sure your potential new home care provider offers an in-home consultation before the start of your engagement.

  • Insurance That Pays for Home Care

    Many people are surprised to learn that health insurance does not cover in-home care, even if such services are recommended by a doctor. Read to learn more about home care and how to get a caregiver insurance policy that will cover those services.

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