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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “Been using Homewatch for over 6 months now and extermely happy with there services. Really good aides who show up on time and seem to like there jobs. I wish they took the home care waiver though. Other than that, they are perfect for my familys needs.”
    - Karen
  • “Homewatch has made my life infinitely easier by sending care givers to our home. My son desperately needs help, and Homewatch has been spot on in helping him and our family. LOVE the aides they have sent and can't thank them enough for helping out when needed.”
    - Tosha
  • “I work with a person who has a caregiver from Homewatch and have seen many, many positive interactions between the two of them. She is a natural! She is genuine, empathetic in nature, and has an ability to help without demeaning. You can tell after watching the together that she is not only a good person at heart, but a professional at what she does. Homewatch is undoubtedly proud to call her an employee. If she is a true representative of the company, then Homewatch is an amazing organization that can truly help those with mental handicaps. Full disclosure-- I was asked to write and post a review by an employee, and I happily agreed to do so.”
    - Lou
  • “Love everyone at Home watch! Great company to work with. Treat care givers and clients well and know what theyre doing. Third company in 3 months weve tried and we are definately sticking with them!”
    - Kelly
  • “Homewatch sends aides to help my younger sister who is autistic. She cant hardly care for herself so she got a waver from the Ohio DD. We called around and choose Homewatch since they could answer my questions and I had heard good things about them. They have now been working with my sister for 6 months and they have done an excellent job. My sister needs a lot of help espcially in the mornings when she is getting ready to go to school so the aides always help dress her and make her breakfast get her on the bus. They they meet her after school and help her with her homework and play with her and do other stuff with her. All the aides that Homewatch has sent have been great and they all seem to really enjoy what they do and are good at it. I am very happy with the job they have done so far and would tell anyone who was asking that they should hire Homewatch if they have someone in there family who is autistic or is mentally challenged.”
    - Candice
  • “You made our lives and that of our mother manageable and comfortable until her passing. Words are hard to find to express our thanks.”
    - Sherry K.
  • “I've been using the services of Homewatch for my mom who lives in Columbus and has COPD and Alzheimer's. I hired Homewatch based on other reviews I read and I'm so glad I did. Lauren and Latosha are absolute gems and would do anything for my mom. They treat my mom the same as they would treat their own mother. They have done an outstanding job, and even if my mom doesn't realize it, they are making her life so much easier.”
    - Natalie
  • “You guys do very hard work and are so dedicated to your jobs and your clients!!! Let's face it, without you, there would be a lot of people that would be up the creek without a paddle. Thank you for all the people you assist and their families that would be lost without your loving wonderful services you provide. Thank you again. Keep up the great work!!!”
    - Lu Assidian
  • “Bravo Homewatch! I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate what you have done for my mom. If it weren't for the services you provide, she’d be in a nursing home. Your staff and care givers have done an outstanding job working with my mother, and she has taken a real liking to Carlissa. The two of them are now like two peas in a pod. Your staff has been courteous, helpful, and professional; this has been a HUGE help considering I live nearly 500 miles from Columbus and cant check in on my mom.”
    - Madelyn H