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About Homewatch CareGivers of Columbus

It was an icy cold December night, and I had just arrived home after a Christmas party at a friend's house. It was just after 1 AM, and my phone rang. It was my friend Mark, who I was with just moments earlier at the party. "Jon," he gasped. "Gary got into a really bad accident on his way home. A bunch of us are headed down to Grant Hospital to find out what's going on." So I put my coat back on and headed back out into the sub-freezing temperature to the hospital. Upon arriving at the ER, I met up with some of my friends who were at the party, and we all learned that Gary hit a patch of ice on Interstate 70. His car jumped the median, slid off the road, and landed upside down. Gary was thrown from the car and landed nearly 30 feet from his vehicle. He had suffered severe head injuries and was in a coma, and the doctor told us she wasn't sure if Gary would make it through the night.

Gary did eventually come out of his coma, but he would never be the same. He had a traumatic brain injury which left him paralyzed from the neck down. He would never walk again.

After spending nearly 3 months in the hospital, Gary called me and told me he was finally being released. He was now in a specially-designed motorized wheelchair which he could control with his mouth, and he would need my assistance in finding someone to help care for him once he got home. (Gary wasn't married, and his parents died in a small plane accident some years back). So a couple other of our buddies started doing some research and making some phone calls. We called at least a dozen places, and none of them could help. Some only provided nursing services, which according to Gary's insurance policy, would only provide 2 hours of service per day. Other companies only provided services to senior citizens. Yet others were unable to help due to the acuteness of Gary's condition. We finally ended up hiring private individuals to care for Gary 24 hours a day. This of course was easier said than done. We had to interview people, hire them, train them, then replace them when they quit.

Throughout this entire ordeal, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about home care. But perhaps the most important thing I learned was that there was no company out there who could care for individuals with needs such as Gary's. It was truly heartbreaking to imagine the thousands of people going through the same thing my friends and I just went through trying to help a friend or loved one.

After doing some soul searching of my own, I decided now was the time to move forward and really make a difference. I was ready to make the leap from the traditional business world to a world where I could spend my days helping others like Gary. I bought a home care franchise of my own called "Homewatch CareGivers." Finally, I had found a company that could help people who were in a situation similar to Gary's.

Today, my home care agency helps hundreds of people in need. We help not only accident victims, but also the elderly, new mothers, those with physical and developmental disabilities, and many others needing assistance in order to remain in their own homes.

For me, Homewatch CareGivers isn't a business; it's my way of giving to those who need help and don't know where else to turn. We often forget that life's situations and tragedies not only affect the individuals who are suffering from them, but they also affect the friends, families, and loved ones around them. Homewatch CareGivers of Columbus is here to help when you don't know where else to turn. Person-directed care is a way of sharing my past with others and turning it into a positive experience.

Choosing a home care agency is no easy task, and every aspect of that agency should be considered, from their staff to types of care they provide. Homewatch CareGivers prides itself on our ability to understand your home health care needs and seek to provide the best home care available. With a multitude of home care agencies available, picking the perfect one should be a collaborative process with an expert in agency that understands all aspects of home care. With Homewatch CareGivers of Columbus, you can rest assured we have your in home caregiver needs in mind with every one of our consultations.

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