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  • Photo of Jon Hersh
    Jon Hersh Owner / CEO
    Photo of Jon Hersh
    Jon Hersh Owner / CEO

    Jon opened Ohio’s first Homewatch CareGivers in 2003. He has a passion for helping others and has always looked for new and innovative ways to be able to provide help for those who need it. In addition to providing care to the elderly and people with physical disabilities, Jon and his staff have helped hundreds of individuals with developmental disabilities as well. As the owner, Jon oversees the role of his staff and caregivers and constantly provides valuable feedback. Jon is very active in his local community and has worked with the media and his congressmen to ensure that people with disabilities are represented and treated fairly. In 2015, Jon published his first book entitled “Secrets No One will Ever Tell You about Finding a Caregiver for Your Loved One.” (Click below to view a copy of Jon’s book in Kindle format).

  • Photo of Michelle Rettig
    Michelle Rettig Managing Director
    Photo of Michelle Rettig
    Michelle Rettig Managing Director

    My favorite thing about my job is my team. I have an amazing team and I feel honored and blessed to have them working with me. I have too many stories to choose from!

    I think caregivers wear so many hats, that almost all experience is related to caregiving. I think the most pertinent experience I have is taking care of my mother when she was diagnosed with cancer back in 1999. My dad and I took care of her at home until she passed away. Another significant experience is my 7 years of police, fire and 911 dispatching.

    I’m the Director. I monitor the day to day operations of the company and started working at Homewatch CareGivers in 2004.

    I’m happily married 22 years, I love all animals and would have a zoo if I were allowed to! I love singing and reading.

  • Photo of Freddie Rufus
    Freddie Rufus Staffing and Scheduling Coordinator
    Photo of Freddie Rufus
    Freddie Rufus Staffing and Scheduling Coordinator

    I was blessed with a heart and love for elderly people, and this is where I am happiest. Knowing that I made someone’s day brighter, happier, and easier is what makes me smile at the end of the day.

    I was a Medical assistant and provided private care before starting with Homewatch CareGivers in 2005.

    I review monthly documentation to ensure the proper plans are being implemented. I also perform home visits, and schedule caregivers for our family members. In addition to this, I organize and coordinate administrative duties and office procedures.

  • Photo of Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson Client Care Coordinator
    Photo of Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson Client Care Coordinator

    I truly enjoy helping people find the care they need for themselves or loved ones to help improve their quality of life and make life easier for them. I was a caregiver for 15 years for various agencies, and I was also an independent provider. I am currently a Program Manager with Homewatch CareGivers and supervise, hire and train caregivers for our family members. I also go out and meet any potential family members face to face and explain the countless benefits our company can provide them with if they choose us, and I also help them get started if they choose us as their provider.

    I enjoy watching my favorite NFL and NBA sports teams, love playing basketball and spending time with my amazing family and pets.

  • Photo of Rejeanna Smith
    Rejeanna Smith Client Services
    Photo of Rejeanna Smith
    Rejeanna Smith Client Services

    My favorite thing about my job is having the ability to help others improve their lives inside and outside of the home. I strive to get my family members together as a group as much as possible. As a result, they have all developed socially in a positive way by making new friends and doing new things. For instance, a couple of my more timid family members recently rode huge roller coasters at Cedar Point!

    I believe mothers make the best caregivers. There's no better experience than raising a child of your own. You can learn a lot in 18 years, from bumps and bruises to the speed bumps in life. When life gives you lemons open a lemonade stand!

    I have been at Homewatch CareGivers since 2011, and I match our family members with a compatible caregiver. I find a plan and expedite activities in the community both here and abroad. Want to visit your cousin in Arizona? It can be done! We go where their heart takes us and love every minute of it. I am a mom, sister, aunt, counselor, trainer, coach, and friend to a wonderful group of individuals.

    I was an Ohio Operating engineer (heavy equipment operator) for 7 years before I started working at Homewatch CareGivers. I am that crazy lady that turns to Jello every time she sees a dog! I like to crochet and enjoy adult coloring. I love to go fishing and be Outdoors on a boat! I have two families—my one at home and my Homewatch CareGivers family, and I enjoy spending time with all of them immensely! And my Yorkie Waldo is the love of my life. Just ask my husband, and he'll tell you!