Scary Good Caregiving During the Halloween Holiday

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Over the last few years, Halloween has become more and more popular. Statistics show that the sale of Halloween decorations almost equals that of Christmas decorations. As a caregiver, there may be multiple facets of this holiday that you are worried about. If your loved one needs rest or has trouble with their memory, this may not be a holiday you look forward to. If you are prepared, though, it can be fun and relaxing! Here are a few tips and tricks… or treats to get you through the spooky season.

If Your Loved One is Living with Dementia

Some families embrace the holiday, even if their loved one has dementia. This can include taking a loved one out to trick-or-treat or to enjoy an outing with friends. If you and your loved one decide to celebrate Halloween this year, ensure you have learned how to recognize when your loved one is overstimulated and has had enough. Plan before your outing so that when you realize your loved one has had too much excitement for the evening, you will know how to make a smooth transition back home.

Planning does not have to be complicated. Discuss the upcoming holiday with your loved one several times, ensure they’re on board, and be ready to exit when necessary. Once you have made your plans, whether to a low-key party or to pass out candy, make sure that your loved one has visualized what that looks like, when it will start, be over, and what will be happening.

Especially if your loved one is living with dementia, you may want to consider having a second caregiver to help out. Having a second set of eyes to help you keep track of your loved one’s comfort level can be very helpful. A second caregiver can make the difference between a successful evening and a disappointing one.

If Your Loved One Has Special Dietary Needs

It is hard to overcome the temptation to eat all the yummy snacks presented during the Halloween season. If your loved one has a special diet or is living with diabetes, plan to have plenty of healthy treats for the evening. Some helpful treats might include dark chocolate, low-sodium trail mix, sorbet, or fun fruit drinks.

If you are worried about your loved one sneaking a few treats out of the candy passed out at the door, you can purchase a wide variety of dark chocolate goodies that are growing in popularity.

If You Decorate

If your loved one enjoys holiday decorating, you may become concerned about overloaded breakers and many extension cords. Décor can lead to many hanging hazards, trip hazards, and simply put – can be a danger zone for your loved one. To avoid worry, try to tape down or tuck away wires, move threats away from any walking spaces, and keep draping decorations away from the door.

Rotating spotlights with spooky scenes can be less intrusive and just as fun, or you may consider hiring a professional to help with decorations. Professionals can ensure that there are not any overloaded wiring issues and keep props from becoming a trip hazard.

If Your Loved One Decides to Dress Up

Dressing up and forgetting your worries for just a moment can be the most exciting part of Halloween. If your loved one is ready to be queen or king of the night, plan enough to ensure their costume allows them to do just that. You want to ensure they are not itchy, constricted, or uncomfortable. Another helpful thing is ensuring they can easily unbutton or unstrap their costume to use the facilities when needed.

No matter how you and your loved one celebrate Halloween, don’t forget that Homewatch CareGivers of Lower Bucks County is here for you. Providing our clients with compassionate and professional assistance is always a great privilege. We’re even here if you need a few hours of help for Halloween. Contact us today to learn more or keep browsing our website for more information.

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