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Tucson Marana and Oro Valley

Dementia Care in Tucson

There comes a time when it’s clear that a loved one with dementia needs help in Tucson.  Dementia care can be one of the most difficult types of care that adult children and other family members face.  It’s never easy to care for a loved one with dementia, and it’s natural to worry about them being safe while alone in their home.  Studies show that people prefer to age in their own homes, and we make that possible. Homewatch CareGivers of Tucson will customize a dementia care plan for you and your loved one that can include things like performing safety and fall-risk assessments, assisting with a schedule for activities of daily living they might need help with, and matching your loved one to a caregiver that will be the best fit in both personality and experience.   If your parent or loved one is showing signs of dementia such as misplacing things frequently, confusion, challenges with problem solving, change in mood or personality, difficulty speaking or writing, or anything else, it might be time to seek professional help.   

All dementia care services are provided by specially trained individuals that bring patience and compassion to an emotionally charged family dynamic. As a neutral third party, our caregivers are able to focus on what’s best for the client today, without the emotional history that comes with a lifetime of knowing someone.

Specialized Dementia Care is personal and companion care provided by intensively trained and tested caregivers. Through our Specialized Dementia Care services we strive to increase the quality of life and provide a more interactive care experience in our clients’ lives – every day.