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Long Term Care Under The Veterans Administration

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Did you know that veterans and their surviving spouses (65 years and older) could be eligible for long term care benefits under the Veterans Administration (VA)? Not many people do. The tax-free benefit is called the “Aid and Attendance” program. Benefits are available to veterans who have income, substantial savings, or even real estate if they require assistance from another person for their personal functions such as bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, or other activities of daily living.

Homewatch CareGivers (HWCG) is a privately-owned personal care services company that provides long term care for veterans. The Aid and Attendance benefits pays for services like the ones HWCG provides (such as the ones listed above) and is honored to care for veterans. They even offer a discount as a “thank you” for their military service.

The Aid and Attendance benefit is also known by the following names:

  • The VA Enhanced Pension
  • The VA Improved Pension
  • The VA A&A Pension
  • The VA Special Pension
  • The VA Special Monthly Pension

However, they all refer to the same program … the Aid and Attendance benefit.

To qualify for these benefits the Veterans Administration looks at the veteran’s military service and his/her VA pension.

Military Service – A veteran must show proof that he/she was discharged from military service for reasons other than “dishonorable discharge” and served at least 90 days of full-time active duty, with at least 1 of those days during an eligible war period. For veterans of the Gulf War and Post 911, a veteran must have served active duty for his/her entire tour of duty or at least 2 years (whichever is less).

Eligible periods of wartime are:

1. World War II (12/7/41 – 12/31/46)

2. Korean War (06/27/50 – 01/31/55)

3. Pre-Vietnam War (02/28/61 – 08/05/64)

4. Vietnam War (08/05/64 – 05/07/75)

5. Gulf War (08/02/90 – a date set by Presidential Proclamation)

Note: It is not required that the veteran was in combat … or even a war zone; only that he/she served during a period of wartime.

VA Pension – You must be eligible for the basic VA pension. This is a prerequisite for qualifying for the Aid and Attendance pension. To apply for the basic VA Pension, a veteran must fill out VA Form 21P-527EZ. You must also complete VA Form 21-2680 for the Aid and Attendance Pension.

In addition to the VA application forms above, a veteran must also furnish documentation of net worth, annual income, marriage certificate, military discharge papers, unreimbursed medical expenses, physician statements of injury or disability, death certificate of veteran for surviving spouse claims, etc.

To learn more about your eligibility, please contact Veteran Care Services at (855) 205-9437 for a free consultation

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