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CareGiver Spotlight- Doriane Gadou

Doriane Gadou

Congratulations to Doriane Gadou, our Caregiver of the Month! Doriane has been a caregiver with Homewatch CareGivers of North Dallas (HWCG) since September 2020; she is a wonderful addition to our caregiving team since only beginning seven months ago!

Homewatch CareGivers of North Dallas cares for patients with various chronic health conditions and special levels of care. Doriane is knowledgeable … and comfortable … caring for patients in hospice care, elderly couples, critical care patients, and quadriplegic clients. All clients have given us feedback about Doriane and the extraordinary way she cares for our clients.

Doriane is extremely reliable, shows up on time, and always puts the client’s needs first. During the recent snowstorm in February, she even worked 5 straight days with a patient that requires 24/7 care and could not be left alone. Other caregivers were unable to make it to his home because of the severe road conditions. Doriane stocked up on supplies, kept our client warm and well taken care of. Because she is a great team player and didn’t want her co-workers to have to worry about driving on the slippery roads but knew our client couldn’t be left alone, she volunteered to stay for five consecutive days to ensure our client had what he needed and that everyone was safe.

Our caregivers are the best part of our company … an asset. Doriane is absolutely an asset to our caregiving team; we are so thankful she is part of the Homewatch CareGivers of North Dallas family!

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