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Recent Posts in September

  • September- A Clients Story

    Sydelle was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Dallas 59 years ago. She raised her three sons here, two still live in the area. She has four Grands. Sydelle is a numbers gal! She loves anything to do with numbers.

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  • Helping Older Persons Fight the Pandemic

    COVID-19 has introduced unprecedented challenges to humanity and a disproportionate threat to the health, lives, rights, and well-being of the elderly. It is crucial to minimize these risks by addressing their needs and human rights in our efforts to fight the pandemic.

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  • A Game Changer in Non-Medical Transportation

    Integrity Shuttle is the lifeline for a sustainable healthcare system for individuals receiving medical care as outpatients, those with disabilities, and for the increasing number of people with chronic conditions by providing consistent and efficient access to transportation.

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