September- A Clients Story

Sydelle and caregiver

Sydelle was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Dallas 59 years ago. She raised her three sons here, two still live in the area. She has four Grands. Sydelle is a numbers gal! She loves anything to do with numbers. Sydelle owned her own business for thirty years, working as an apartment locator. She loved helping people find their new home. Early 2020, Sydelle had a fall and fractured her spine. They performed surgery to repair it, but she is still recovering. She recuperated in her son’s home for several months but desired to be independent and have her own place. She recently moved into an independent living community. Homewatch has been providing care for her since March 2020, first in her son’s home, and now in her new apartment. Sydelle has Long Term Care Insurance. We file that for her so that she does not have to deal with any paperwork. Our caregiver helps Sydelle stay safe while walking, showering, and dressing. She prepares her breakfast and lunch. She cleans up the kitchen and does light housekeeping. She assures that Sydelle takes her medicine every day. Sydelle has her own car but is not driving right now. Our caregiver drives Sydelle to run errands and accompanies her to appointments. The caregiver is a wonderful companion to Sydelle.

  1. Why do like Homewatch?

Response: “They are reliable. I like that the same person comes every time.”

  1. How has Homewatch been helpful to you?

Response: “Kay is very caring. From the time she arrives in the morning, she can tell how I am doing that day. She is very attentive. I enjoy her personality.”

  1. What is your favorite memory with your caregiver?

Response: “Kay has a garden at her home. She brought me figs, and my daughter in law made fig bars. Kay is party of our family.”

  1. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Response: “When I was moving Kay was so helpful. She worked extra days and hours and helped me get settled in my new home. The independent living community is not allowing outside visitors, including family. So, my sons were not allowed to come into my apartment to help me. I could not have done it without her.”

We are thankful to provide the care that Sydelle needs. We look forward to helping her stay healthy and safe, living at home for many years to come.

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