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Family Caregivers: 5 Activities To Do With Your Loved One

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Studies show that staying active after retirement helps our health. So, it stands to reason that as family caregivers, finding ways to engage with your loved one may become important. The health benefits of staying active become more valuable the older we are. Continuing to stay active helps our physical health, maintains independence, and keeps our loved ones mentally sharp. So, if you’re looking for more activities your loved one can participate in, then this list is just for you!

1. Walking and Light Exercise

Even with limited mobility, it is important to continue to move. If your loved one is able to walk, taking them outside and getting fresh air is important. If your loved one has issues getting out of the house, then throw on some fun music and march to the beat! Regardless of how you decide to do it, it will help with cardiovascular health and will clear respiratory congestion.

2. Chair Workouts

If you are looking for a safe way to exercise with your loved one at home then chair workouts might be just the ticket. Chair workouts are safe and easy, they include stretches and help to strengthen the upper body. Need help figuring this out? Maybe there is a local class, which would provide a sense of community and inclusion. If not, you could always turn to YouTube and work with your loved one so that it’s more fun.

3. Art and Creativity

From Bob Ross to painting by numbers, painting classes and events continue to grow in popularity. Have you ever wondered why? These classes are not only fun, but they are also engaging and build a sense of community and security. Taking your loved one to any kind of art class can be something that they will definitely look forward to. Have an issue with transportation or mobility? No problem, cruise through your local art store and pick up some easy kits and supplies and do it together at home.

4. Join a Book Club

Thanks to the pandemic, virtual meeting spaces are more common than ever before. If you’re looking for a great group of people to chat with about books, then a virtual or in-person book club might be just the ticket. This is a great idea no matter what your loved one struggles with, especially since you can listen to audio books, or get them in braille or large print. Book clubs are a great way to stay involved and keep your loved one’s mind sharp since there is plenty of conversation.

5. Gardening

Whether you have an apartment or a large house, there is plenty of space both inside and outside to discover the joy of gardening. Utilizing window boxes and indoor planters, gardening can be a mobile project or using large planters and raised garden beds it can be a large undertaking. No matter how it is done, it is certainly fun and includes both physical and mental actions. If you’re looking for a fun hobby to start together, there are plenty of online resources to help you and your loved one experiment.

To learn more about in-home care, or how respite care might help, contact us today. We can help! Homewatch CareGivers of Woodbridge is here for you! We can help ensure that you have respite care so that you can go to dancing lessons, or are on hand to provide resources to local groups that your loved one can get involved in.

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