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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “We were able to move my mom to a wonderful, caring and beautiful facility to support her needs as she declined mentally and physically but we wanted her to have the individual and daily assistance we sought to provide for her that brought us to Homewatch Caregivers. Our team of Nancy Zumwalt, Administrator and our lovely aide, Michelle D. provided my mom with companionship and compassion. Michelle’s kindness and calm demeanor helped our entire family to get through the difficult times and we are so grateful to Homewatch for placing Michelle with my mom.”
    - Carol Feltoon
  • “I’ve had an incredible experience working with Nancy & her team. They have been incredible to work with & are very professional. My father was very ill for a few months & needed 24 hr care. They helped him & my mom at every turn. He couldn’t have stayed at home like he wished if it wasn’t for them. Tess, continues to help my mom & we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone on the team!”
    - Nancy , Tess & team
  • “Homewatch responded quickly when my disabled mother was released early from rehab and needed immediate home care. Kelly and Raven were professional, polite and helpful making my mother’s transition home less stressful and pleasant.”
    - Stephanie
  • “My elderly parent lives with someone who called Homewatch to assist. They responded immediately and my parent is very happy. From the very 1st call I made to them concerning my parent I felt assured. My questions were answered, and I was treated with the utmost kindness, respect and understanding. Nancy has gone above and beyond. I feel very confident and comfortable knowing Homewatch is there.”
    - TheOffspring
  • “I use Homewatch Care Givers when I travel to Cleveland for work. Barbara and Cynthia helped me the last two times I visited and they were both reliable, helpful, and kind. I will be asking for them both again for future visits. I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism they exhibited and the comfort it gave me to know I could rely on them to be there when I needed them!”
    - Juli
  • “Our Daughter has multiple needs and our caregiver is always up for the challenge to meet her needs. Not only are health needs a priority but also her social needs and Marilyn is always willing to help her participate. Dedication and love is what Marilyn gives to our daughter. We are grateful. Denise and all office staff is very supportive. I heard about Homewatch from another parent's testimony and that is why I sought them out. I am glad I did. (8/1/19)”
    - B. Heisler
  • “We recommend Home watch caregivers to other families based on how they have worked with our daughter. (8/1/19)”
    - Ara and Leslie Bagdasarian
  • “We are very, very pleased with the service we receive from Homewatch Caregivers. Caregiver Gregory comes to see my mom 5 days a week. We absolutely love him. He is the perfect match for the care that my mom needs. So patient and attentive.”
  • “Caregivers and office staff are fantastic!! Caregiver Brittney T. is excellent! She is professional, easy to talk to, knows what to do and follows through without needing any instruction. She's also very courteous and polite. I am very pleased with services and highly recommend!”
    - J. Weber