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  • Busted! Caregiving Myths

    Is what you know about caregiving actually true? We break down six common misconceptions and give you the facts.

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  • The Security of Background Checks

    Background checks can provide a sense of security for loved ones when they bring a caregiver into the lives of their loved one who needs assistance.

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  • The Happiness of Strangers

    This article looks at a new study that found interactions with strangers can make people happier. Consider that a caregiver is a stranger at first, but such a relationship has the potential to make someone feel less lonely and more connected.

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  • Decrease Your Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

    New studies show that adopting a healthy lifestyle might reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia, according the Alzheimer’s Association.

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  • Care Transitions

    There is more than one long-term care solution and as people age and cope with chronic conditions, they may use more than one. Learn how to successfully help them transition from one type of care to another.

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  • Staying Calm in Crisis

    Plan now, not when there's a disaster and you need help. A family caregiver explains how her family's preparation helped them all stay calm when there was a health crisis.

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