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Englewood Littleton, Lakewood and Highlands Ranch

Englewood Dementia Care

As owners we started out as family caregivers ourselves; caring for an elderly parent with dementia. That experience inspired us to open Homewatch CareGivers in Englewood so that we could help other families just like us. Because a vast majority of seniors have memory issues, our caregivers annually complete cutting edge courses in dementia and Alzheimer’s at our Homewatch CareGivers University. To help combat the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s, our dementia home care focuses on healthy nutrition, social engagement, physical activity and mental stimulation with our special "Pathways to Memory" program. Skilled in-home care can be the difference between aging in the comfort of home or having to move to an unfamiliar facility.

“Homewatch CareGivers helped guide our family in dealing with a parent that has Alzheimer's. They masterfully juggled Harry & Susie's changing moods and comforted and counseled 3 daughters who were concerned for their parents' safety. There is a fine line between taking care of them and taking away their dignity. We are so thankful for the professional way they supervised Dad's care with their phenomenal caregivers.” Susie LaBonde

When someone is diagnosed with dementia it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to turn. Our caregivers receive specialized training that helps them put together a dementia care plan that is specific to the current abilities and stage of dementia. This dementia care plan can and will be modified as the disease progresses and skills change. Our goal is quality of life for you and your family, and we achieve this with a person-centered approach to care.
Dementia is a progressive disease of the brain that affects a person’s ability not only to remember people and experiences, but also how to do simple daily tasks. There are stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, with each requiring different levels of care and assistance. In the first couple of stages of dementia, a person may still be able to function independently despite some memory loss, but by the third and fourth stages of dementia, they will begin to need help with basic chores and getting around. By the fifth or final stages of this disease, someone with dementia cannot function without help.
At Homewatch CareGivers we provide you and your loved one with quality Alzheimer’s care for any stage of this disease. We recognize that Alzheimer’s effects each person differently and therefore we tailor our care to meet your unique needs. Our caregivers are here to help preserve dignity and independence for those who have Alzheimer’s disease, and respite care for the family too.
Homewatch CareGivers has a specialized form of care features one-on-one interaction and attention and provides social interaction and companionship to the person living with dementia. As with all of our care, our goal is quality of life for those living with memory impairment.
Lewy Body Disease (LBD) is one of the most common causes of dementia, and is also called Lewy Body dementia. The symptoms of Lewy Body Disease are similar to Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, and therefore people with LBD will have care needs as they lose their cognitive abilities and physical functions. The Lewy Body Dementia Association recommends that family of those with LBD research caregiving support before it becomes a need. Our trained caregivers can help to reduce anxiety, assist with daily activities and be there for you and your loved ones after a diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies.