The Many Benefits of Respite Care

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Caregiving for someone full-time can be exhausting. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to make sure your loved one is cared for appropriately. It works as an unpaid job, and can take its toll on the caregiver.. Respite care can take this weight off the caregiver’s shoulders, and give them time to take care of themselves.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is a type of care that allows the senior to reside in a senior living community or have an in-home caregiver come to their home, temporarily. This type of care can be for a few hours, a few days, or in senior living communities, a few weeks. Respite care is also a way for seniors to get to know a senior living community prior to moving, so they can determine if they want to make the final moving decision. The average cost of respite care can be between $70-$125 a day. If a senior needs to be cared for in a senior living community as opposed to an in-home caregiver, they will need to pay a higher daily fee due to meals, housekeeping, activities, and utilities being included.

An Aide For Your Senior Living Search

If you are looking for a senior living community that will best fit your loved one’s needs, respite care can give you the time and space to do so. The senior living search process will become significantly easier when there are no outside stressors, or distractions to keep you from finding the perfect home for your loved one.

Finding a community for your loved one can take a while because it involves financial planning, family conversations, move management, and more. While your loved one is in respite care, they can discuss what they like and dislike about the community they are in. This will give you a better understanding of what you should be looking for when choosing a community.

A “Try Before You Buy” Option

Sometimes seniors may be hesitant when it comes to changing their living arrangements. They may want to stay in their home because it is comfortable, or they may not know much about senior living. Respite care can allow your loved one to spend some time in a community prior to actually moving there. This “try before you buy” option will allow the senior to get a feel for the staff, meals, and general environment. They can also make connections with some of the residents who are already there, which is a great opportunity for socialization. If the senior needs care, they also will get to know some of the caregivers who are employed at the community. The residents can get a “head start” on making meaningful relationships with them, and will already know the people who will be caring for them.

If a senior does not know much about senior living, respite care can answer most of their senior living questions. This will allow them to feel more confident in their decision to move out of their home, and into the senior living community. Additionally, by the time they make the change and move in, the process will seem less overwhelming because they have made themselves more comfortable with the environment.

A Break For The Caregiver

With any job should come a break, as they are well deserved and much needed. This is especially true for family caregivers, who dedicate their days to caring for their loved one. Respite care will allow them to take a vacation or just sit at home and relax for a while. This encourages the caregiver to re-energize and get a peace of mind while their loved one is being cared for at a community, or with an in-home caregiver, depending on the care that they need.

Respite care is also a helpful option if something comes up in the caregiver’s personal life, whether it be a wedding, family vacation, or emergency. Instead of trying to scramble and find a family member who can take over their job, they have respite care as an option. This gives the caregiver more flexibility with their schedule and they have a “Plan B” if something goes wrong.

Our partners at Senior Living Experts recommend considering respite care because of these benefits. It is a great way for the caregiver to get a break, and for the senior to change up their lifestyle and experience life in a community. If you have any more questions or need help finding senior living options, call Senior Living Experts at 773-231-7212 or visit

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