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Fall Prevention: How Can Seniors Stay Safe?

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According to Five Star Senior Living, 1 in 4 older adults fall per year. Fall prevention is something that should be taken seriously, considering it happens often in that age demographic. Our advisors at Senior Living Experts have some tips on how to prevent falls from happening in the future.

Remove Clutter

It’s easy to build up clutter; we all do it. However, it can become hazardous if it is on the ground and located in walking spaces. Remove boxes, papers, and electrical cords from any walkways. You should even check to make sure the legs of small tables or shelves are pushed out of the way, so it wouldn’t get caught on someone’s shoe as they walk past it.

If you have an area rug, make sure it has double-sided tape or slip-resistant materials underneath it. This will prevent the corners from curling upwards, and creating a falling hazard. This is especially important for small rugs that might be located in the kitchen or bathroom, since these rooms of the house are commonly walked through.

Turn The Lights On

Although we think we know our homes like the back of our hand, it is still hazardous to walk around with the lights off or dimly lit. This is because of our lack of spatial awareness when we are in a dark room. Consider purchasing some night lights to place around the hallways, in the bathrooms, and in the bedrooms.

During the day, you can use natural light to light up your living space! Open the windows and let some sunlight in. As soon as the sun goes down, make sure to turn on your lights so you still have an adequate amount of light in your home while you are walking around.

Keep Moving

Believe it or not, walking and moving around can prevent falling from happening because of the strength building aspect. Take a look at our blog about The Benefits of Tai Chi, as this form of exercise is a great way to maintain your mental health, physical health, and to prevent falls.

A physical therapist can even help with an exercise routine. This can help with balance, flexibility, muscle strength, and mobility.

Utilize Helpful Tools

A shower seat and hand-held nozzle can help with the showering process, so it is easier for the senior to stand in the shower without reacting to quick water temperature changes or fatigue.

Grab bars should also be placed around the bathroom to make sure the senior does not slip on the wet bathroom floor. Even though the floor may look dry, you never know where it is slippery.

While living at home in the winter, consider hiring someone to shovel the driveway and clear the porch of ice. Walking outside in the winter is always hazardous, since the presence of black ice is always possible. Attaching ramps and guard rails on porches increases safety as well.

Carrying a cell phone is also a good idea, in case a fall does happen. This will allow you to reach emergency services or a loved one quickly. There are also fall detection devices as well, in case this would be the better option for the senior.

Our advisors at Senior Living Experts are passionate about keeping seniors safe while they are in their homes, or outside of their homes. If you have any questions, visit our website at or call us at 773-231-7212.

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