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Giving Back to the Naperville Community

Hear about upcoming events with our partners!

Virtual Craft Club & Social!

Join us on December, 15th at 10am via zoom for some fun with your friends for an afternoon of crafting and fellowship!

craft and social club

Click here for more details on this event!

Meal Pickup for Seniors!

In response to the need for older adults to receive meals during the COVID-19 pandemic, DuPage Senior Citizens Council and Lisle Township have partnered to provide a meal distribution for adults aged 60 and older.

Click here to for more details

Paying for care with Veterans Pension Benefits and more!

When: Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00pm

Click here for more information on how to join this event!

Join us for Jazz Quilt night!

When: Thursday, November 19th at 7:00PM CST

For more information, click here!

Free Online Event!

Medicare 101 CE

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 from 12:00-1:00PM. Click here for more details!

November Caregivers of the Month!

Denise Kochan

Denise Kochan

Barbara Willson

Barbara Willson

AgeGuide Listening Sessions

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Continuity of Care Association FlyerContinuity of Care AssociationContinuity of Care Association

Join us Tuesday, November 3,2020 at 1PM for a Zoom Meeting hosted by Paul Beach on the topic:

"So That's Where That Comes From"

Click here for more information!

Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers presenting a Halloween flavored discussion at Avenida Naperville, a Boutique Residential Club in 62+ Style! A very lively, interactive and fun talk involving the origins of many of our Halloween traditions, superstitions and phrases.Paul speaking at the event

Homewatch CareGivers was proud sponsors of the "Party in the Parking Lot" at Carillon Adult Living Community, Romeoville. The band "Soda" entertained the socially distanced crowd in the Carillon Club House parking lot. The weather was a perfect early Fall evening and a fun time was had by all.

Party in the parking lotOutdoor event Outdoor event

Join us on October 30, 2020 for a 2021 Medicare zoom meeting!

Hosted by Mary G. and Harold H.

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Senior Task Newsletter!

News LetterNews letternews letternews letternews letter

October Caregivers of the Month!

Katie Pezan

“You never realize how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”----Bob Marley

Katie Caregiver

Mariah West

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”-----Benjamin Franklin

Mariah Caregiver

Paul, Homewatch CareGivers Community Outreach Partner, recently gave his historical talks at local communities. On September 22nd Paul presented his "The Civil War: Little Known Facts, Trivia and Oddities" presentation to a group of seniors at the Joseph & Sarah Levy Center in Bolingbrook, IL.

Paul Beach giving presentation

On September 23rd, Paul entertained residents of Senior Star at Weber Place in Romeoville, IL with his "Myths vs. Reality; Fact vs Fiction" discussion.

Paul Beach giving presentation

Launching a Successful Entrepreneurial Business in Health Care

Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss?

On Wednesday, September 30, 2020 from 11:45AM-12:45 join Dennise Vaughn as she shares her valuable knowledge about her inspirational journey. Click here for more information!

The Levy Senior Center of Bolingbrook, IL serves the needs of the seniors of DuPage Township. The Levy Senior Center will be sponsing a Lunch and Learn Luncheon on September 22nd featuring Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers. Paul will be leading a historical talk involving some interesting trivial, historical facts and oddities from the Civil War.

Click here to view event!

On September 14th, Homewatch CareGivers and Oasis Senior Advisors sponsored "Ice Cream and Jamz" at Carillon Club in Naperville.

Paul Beach, Homewatch and Alan & Lee Ann Hoffman, Oasis presented the musical stylings of Tim Wisley to 70 Carillon Club residents while handing out ice cream treats. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather, the toe-tapping music and the yummy treats!

Ice Cream EventNaperville Team

Special Eventnaperville team hosting the eventIce cream event

Car Bingo!

When- October 2, 2020 from 10:00-11:00 a.m.

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Join us for the Virtual Senior Conference! Healthy Wealthy & Wise!

When- Friday, September 18, 2020 at 10 A.M.

For more information click here!

Join us for our next Virtual Education Talk LIVE on Zoom on Tuesday, September 15th at 10:00AM for Myth vs. Reality, Fact vs. Fiction and Historical Coincidences with Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers.

Virtual Zoom Meeting

Learn about their origins and some of the real facts behind them. Discover the truth behind stories from antiquity, the American Revolution, World War II and more. Paul will also reveal some strange historical coincidences.

GIFT CARD RAFFLE (The first 20 participants will be entered into a raffle to win a gift card)

Join Zoom Meeting - No Password or Waiting Required

Link to Zoom Meeting- Click Here!

Meeting ID: 374 217 7182

Meals For Older Adults!

In response to the need for older adults to receive meals during the COVID-19 pandemic, DuPage Senior Citizens Council and Lisle Township have partnered to introduce a new and temporary meal distribution service.

Click here for more details!

September Caregivers of the Month!

Alexa Childs

Alexa Caregiver of the month Alexa recently graduated from North Central College earning her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Neuroscience. She plans to continue her education to become a Physician Assistant. She loves spending time with her clients and learning about their lives.

Zoe Kennedy

Zoe Caregiver of the month

Zoe came to HWCG as an intern with a passion to help people. She is now one of our star caregivers. Zoe’s Favorite Quote- ”If it doesn’t challenge you,it doesn’t change you”---Fred DeVito

Supporting Lockport and Local Communities!

Click here to view details!

Supporting the Team

Dennise Vaughn, President, Homewatch CareGivers and Paul Beach, Community Outreach, Homewatch CareGivers met withOfficer Jeren Szmergalski and Officer Kevin Brauch, Lockport Police Department regarding future partnering with the Lockport Area TRIAD Association. What great group and we are looking forward to working with the seniors in the community!

Lockport Police

August Caregivers of the Month!

Caregivers of the month

Senior Housing Options Expo!

Click here to view the S.H.O.E flyer for more details!

When: August 13th and 14th

To register today click here!

Join us for a Virtual Education Talk with Paul Beach!

When: Tuesday, July 28th, 2020 at 1:00PM!

Link to Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 374 217 7182

Healthy Partner Steve Robillard at Martin Avenue Apartments, Naperville displaying his Seniors Today popcorn bag. Martin Avenue Apartments was founded more than 40 years ago when a group of local citizens created affordable housing for Naperville’s elderly and disabled residents. Martin Avenue Apartment is very close to the Grand Opening of their newest renovations and expansion project. Homewatch CareGivers is proud to be associated with Martin Avenue Apartments.

Healthy Partner Steve Robillard at Martin Avenue Apartments

Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers, recently visited with our partners and shared the latest Seniors Today broadcast. Knowing a good thing when they see it, Mary Kay Furiasse, BSN, JD, LLM and Lauren Cianelli, BA, MSW, CDP of A/Z Health & Elder Law proudly show off their Seniors Today popcorn.

proudly show off their Seniors Today popcorn

Jodi Jenkins, Revere Court Bolingbrook is looking stylish under her mask. Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers visited with Jodi and presented her a Seniors Today goodie bag. Enjoy the popcorn and the show!

Jodi Jenkins, Revere Court Bolingbrook is looking stylish under her mask

Our friends on the front lines, Lexington Health Care Center of Lombard take a break out their busy day to accept Seniors Today popcorn from Homewatch CareGivers, Oasis Senior Advisors and Presto Real Estate. Thank you for the incredible care you are providing!

Lexington Health Care Center of Lombard taking their break

With a big smile behind her mask, Michele Clements, Executive Director, Avenida Naperville holds up the Seniors Today popcorn goodies. Homewatch CareGivers is thrilled to have Avenida, a Curated Active Adult Community in Naperville, Illinois as its partner. Enjoy the show!

Michele Clements, Executive Director

As part of its ongoing Healthy Partners program, Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers recently visited many of our partners to deliver a Seniors Today Popcorn goodie bag. Hosted by Dennise Vaughn, Homewatch CareGivers, Alan Hoffman, Oasis Senior Advisors, and Lisa Stover, Presto Real Estate Seniors Today is a NCTV17 show about helping seniors – and those that love them – live their very best lives.

Our Healthy Partner, Tara Nieberding, 101 Mobility is very excited getting her Seniors Today goodie bag. Happy viewing and happy popcorn!

Tara Nieberding, with goodie bag

Summer Interns!

We have partnered with Naperville School District 203 to bring on summer interns interested in health services. We are providing 12 hours of caregiving training, including 6 hours of Dementia training and skill building. These interns are working on various projects to improve the quality of life and social engagement in senior's lives.
Naperville Community School District

Seniors Today

Seniors today showSeniors Today on NCTV17 most recent episode was "Health and Wellness During Covid-19" and Dr. Phillip from DuPage Medical Group gave very helpful advice on reducing Covid-19 risk and also protecting our mental health.

Click here to watch this episode!

Coffee Klatch!

Cheers with coffee

We have started a weekly social engagement program called "Coffee Klatch" in partnership with Naperville-Lisle Triad, Lisle Park District, Naperville Township, Homewatch CareGivers and Independence Village. It is a Zoom social group that meets each week at 11:00 am. The seniors are getting to know each other, look out for each other, offer each other suggestions, become friends. We are looking for more volunteers to run additional groups as we want to keep the groups under 8 seniors to keep everyone participating.

The first episode on Health and Wellness During Covid-19 aired June 16, 2020! What a great job Dr. Philip, Frank and Alan did to get such great information out. DMG should be so proud of this! Thank you to the NCTV17 team for making us shine!

Click here to watch the first episode!

Please join us for a free Stress Busting seminar for Family Caregivers! This virtual seminar begins June 10th and will be weekly for 9 weeks. Please register for your spot as soon as possible (see below)!

Free Stress Busting for family caregivers of people with chronic illness program online

Free Stress Busting seminar for Family Caregivers

Healthy Partners helps out!

Click here to read the article by Daily Herald.

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday Sunflower

The office and the team all have extremely kind, attentive, and organized people that are genuinely concerned about client needs. Homewatch CareGivers employs talented and loving caregivers that make the caregiver-client relationship an entirely new dimension.

-Harrison Z.

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday

Homewatch Caregivers have been great! Dennise and her staff have been wonderful to deal with and have helped get my dad additional care with not a lot of notice. All of their caregivers have been very good to deal with in a new situation for my folks. Each and every one of the caregivers has been polite, patient and very caring.

-Deborah T.

We are grateful for the chance to help our caregivers, our families and our community during this time. So humbled that folks wanted to hear about our story. If you or someone you know needs safety supplies, food, help with something or wants to help volunteer, please let us know. We are all in this together!

Click here to read story!

Congratulations to Julie Hoben and Haley Harbath on being Caregivers of The Month for May! We appreciate all you do for our clients and keep up the great job! So proud of you both! πŸ’›πŸŒ»πŸ’›

 Julie Hoben Haley Harbath

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday

Dennise and her team are true professionals who care about what they do! Having worked alongside HWCG for some time now, I can see why folks choose them time and again. It takes real passion to go above and beyond for those you serve and Dennise and her team have what it takes!

-Presto Real Estate

Thanks to Reza, the owner of Reza’s Auto Repair in Crest Hill!

Trunk full of food!Reza was driving home one day when he saw a line of cars 1 mile long near a church. He later found out the line was for the food pantry that typically serves about 40 families every other week. This location is 1 of 2 pantries that serve the Joliet area.

On this particular day, the pantry had over 400 families needing food! Unfortunately, they were only able to provide food to half of the people in line. So, Reza blasted a message on his personal and business FB pages to reach out to as many people as he could to help the church provide more for these families.

Today, he has accumulated 2,500 pounds of food donations and dropped it off on May 2nd.

If you or anyone you know would like to donate more this week, he is located at:

2386 Jorie Ct.

Crest Hill, IL 60403

They are open M-F from 8am-6pmDonating food!

Food pantry for donations

Ashley stalking up the Micro Food Pantry Homewatch CareGivers is so grateful for the work Ashley Rodriguez is doing for our Bolingbrook Community. Ashley and her family built and stocked a Micro Food Pantry outside of the Bolingbrook Fountaindale Library in April of 2019. With the support of the library, township and the community helping to donate, stock and organize the non-perishable items, this has become a vital part of filling some of the needs of the town. Whether its students coming to the library after school, to families facing unemployment, or to our homeless population, all are welcome to come and take items that they need. Over the past year, Ashley has been amazed at the generosity of the people of Bolingbrook to make a difference in someone’s life. This would not have happened without many hands and hearts, especially the employees at the library. They care so much for the students who fill the library after school each day. Thank you, Ashley, for seeing a need in her town and coming up with a creative way to reach out and help so many people.

NCTV17’s “Seniors Today”, hosted by our own Dennise Vaughn, is a show about helping seniors and those that love them, lead their very best lives! April’s topic is about:

Many Generations Under One Roof. We hope you enjoy the show!

Click here to watch!

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial picture

I could not be more please with Homewatch. Everyone from administrators to caregivers are great. Very responsive to our needs. Literally a lifesaver!

-James L.

Our team is so excited and grateful! Thank you so much to you and all the kiddos! It makes such a difference when people feel appreciated for all they are doing! You are the best! πŸ’›

Thank you Road Show Naperville!

Sending a basket of letters and love from our Road Show SHOW CHOIR kids to our friends at HomeWatch CareGivers!♥οΈπŸ’“ 🌸 πŸŽΆβ˜€οΈπŸ“ 🌷 #RoadShowAtHome

Thank you letters from Show Choir Naperville

Care basket for homewatch caregivers of Naperville

Happy Friday! From our team to all of you! Thank you for everything you are doing to care for others! Stay strong and stay safe!

Staff saying thank you

Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers and May Butas, Angels Grace Hospice teamed up and provided food to the late shift at St. Patrick's Residence, Naperville. Here we see a smiling Melissa Hageman accepting the Jimmy Johns treats.

Thank you to all of the St. Patrick's heroes!!

Angels Grace Hospice teamed up and provided food to the late shift at St. Patrick's

Lunch for St. Patrick's

Healthy Partners Program donating hand sanitizer to Angela in Population Health at Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare. We’re so grateful for the healthcare workers in our community!

Healthy Partners Program donating hand sanitizer

Rush Copley Cancer Center receiving hand sanitizer from Homewatch CareGivers’ Healthy Partner Program!

Dropping off supplies to Rush Copley Cancer Care

Tony Hacker of Martin Avenue Apartments receiving hand sanitizer as part of our Healthy Partners Program.

Tony Hacker of Martin Avenue Apartments

Today’s Healthy Partner Program is with DuPagePads and Cedarhurst Assisted Living & Memory Care.

Homewatch is pleased to donate hand sanitizer to these 2 wonderful places!

DuPagePads sign Cedarhurst Assisted Living

Homewatch CareGivers made & delivered 50 lunches for our Healthy Partners at Edward Cancer Center, Linda Conlin, LCSW/System Coordinator Psychosocial Program​​, Meagan Dean, Clinical Social Worker and Briana Rekosh, Clinical Social Worker. They tell us they are smiling under those masks. Thank you Edward Cancer Center for all you do!!!!
Homewatch caregivers delivering food

As part of our Healthy Partner Program, Paul Beach of Homewatch and Peace Hospice at St. Patrick’s Residence Nursing and Rehabilitation​ provided lunch for the staff. What a great day!

Providing lunchproviding lunch

As part of our Healthy Partners Program, Paul Beach, Homewatch, Lettie Suarez, and Peace Hospice dropped off lunch to Tabor Hills Healthcare.

Healthy Partners Program

Today’s Healthy Partner Program at Arista HealthCare & Rehabilitatio​n in Naperville!

Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers sharing lunch and hand sanitizer to the incredible staff. You guys are the heros!

Paul and teamStaff and team helping

Today’s Healthy Partner Program donation was shared with Emma Dvorak, CTRS - Life Enrichment Manager from The Springs at Monarch Landing.

The Springs

The Springs staff

Friday's Healthy Partner donation was shared with Diana Solarski at Lexington Health Care of Lombard . Thank you for everything you do, Diana!

Diana Solarski at Lexington Health Care of Lombard

Homewatch CareGivers is proud to work with Oasis Senior Advisors and Presto Real Estate Services to purchase hand sanitizer from Two Brothers Artisan Spirits and donate it as part of our Health Partner Program. We are all in this TOGETHER!

It was great seeing Debbie Self at Tabor Hills, even from 6 feet away!


Tabor Hills

Homewatch CareGivers is proud to work with Oasis Senior Advisors and Presto Real Estate Services to purchase hand sanitizer from Two Brothers Artisan Spirits and donate it as part of our Health Partner Program. Thank you to Oak Trace and SamaraCare for all you are doing to help our community! We are all in this TOGETHER!

It was great seeing Linda Conlin, LCSW/System Coordinator Psychosocial Program - Edward Cancer Center, even from 6 feet away! Happy to provide lunch to Edward Social Workers too!

Delivering Food

Oak Trace Sign

Samara Care

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday

We had some serious concerns about our mother's residence. We were in the process of finding a new memory care community for her and we needed someone to be her companion. Someone who would talk to her, read to her and spend time with her during the day when we were not available to be with her. Homewatch provided exactly what we needed! The women who spent time with our mother were gentle and caring. They treated her with respect and dignity. They advocated for her and were adept at redirecting her when the need arose. Working with Janine and the women who provided companionship and care for our mother was a true pleasure. Our mother felt safe with these women. Homewatch was a great help during this time of transition. Our mother is happily settled into her new community now and it was a smooth transition, thanks to the excellent help we received from Homewatch. I highly recommend them.

-Deborah M.

A big thank you to Debbie Breihan, Senior Citizen Coordinator at the Lisle Park District!

While currently working from home instead of leading a multitude of programs at the Senior Center, she is now busy calling up to 200 seniors per week to check on them and inquire about their health and welfare. She also spreads cheer by writing uplifting chalk messages on theirs and neighbors’ driveways as a way to help people stay connected and feel brighter in these difficult days of social distancing. She is always ready to offer help and is full of ideas about making people’s lives better. www.lisleparkdistrict

Debbie Senior Citizen Coordinator

We are so excited to have Julie Hoben back on our team as a caregiver! She originally worked with us in 2017 as a caregiver and office support. Julie comes to us with many years of experience in home healthcare. Welcome back Julie and thanks for thinking of our caregiver team with these colorful masks and appreciate Trisha Rempel donating them.



Congrats to our Caregivers of the month for April! Awesome job Elizabeth Musaazi and Eileen Orris! Keep up the great work with your clients!

Caregivers of the Month

To thank their incredible dedication and service,Homewatch CareGivers andOasis Senior Advisors provided lunch to Edward Hospital Care Coordination Group.

On April 1st, Paul Beach, Community Outreach Business Partner, Homewatch CareGivers delivered a Panera lunch to Edward Hospital for the Nurses and Social Workers of the Care Coordination Group.

We support these wonderful nurses, social workers and all care professionals who are truly on the front lines.

Thank you flyer

Man delivering food

Panera Bread take out

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday

Amazing! They truly care about your family member and want the best for them. Very flexible and accommodating. There is never one ounce of worry when I know they are with my mom.

-LaVergne R.

Paul Beach, Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville and Tammy Smith, Peace Hospice Naperville have teamed up to help our most needy at this time.

Paul and Tammy are collecting leftover food items which have been donated by local company Eby-Brown Corporation In coordination with Edward-Elmhurst Hospital Transitional Care Clinic Care Managers, Paul and Tammy are going to their patients homes and distributing the food to those who have been greatly affected by the recent Shelter-In-Place mandates.

What a great partnership to help our neighbors during these trying times. We definitely are all in this together.

Food bank to help community

Homewatch CareGivers is grateful for our first responders! David Cotterell from Downers Grove CPR is a firefighter and his company has helped many first responders learn BLS/AED/CPR/First Aid/ACLS.

Brittany Hirsch-Gorz, our Community Outreach Coordinator at Homewatch CareGivers is also an instructor there! We are so grateful for what they do to help others save lives! (

We are always here to help families and our community partners find what they need, just call 331-702-9975. We are all in this together. πŸ’›LS/AED/CPR/First Aid/ACLS training

CPR Training Flyer

CRP Truck

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday Post

Excellent job taking care of my mother. She loves her caregivers and she is certainly not easy to please.


🌻We Are Open, We Are Here to Help and We Are Hiring🌻

Is anyone looking for work?

🌻 Is anyone looking for work? Want to make a huge difference in a senior’s life? Especially now? Are you comfortable going into an elderly client's home to assist with meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, medication reminders, tidying and being a great companion for a few hours? There is a demand for more care as seniors are encouraged not to leave their homes. Flexible schedules, all the training you need, heavy focus on infection control and protection. Caregivers are considered “essential persons” needed to protect the health and safety of their families and not add to the burden of our at capacity health system. If you are healthy, caring, honest, reliable and friendly we would love to have you join our team wonderful Homewatch CareGivers team! Families need you! Please call our office at 331-702-9975. Thank you! 🌻

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday

Paul and Dennise are high energy, caring, and passionate people. I know them personally and both come with a servants heart.

-Alan H.

Please join us for an informational & educational seminar on Tuesday, April 7th at 6 p.m. The topic will be Will and Trusts Simplified. For any of your home care needs, please call Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville at 331-702-9975 or visit

First  Tuesday Flyer

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday!

I have been working for Homewatch Caregivers for about five months now. Everyone that works for this company is truly amazing. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming like a family. They take great care of their clients and employees. I would highly recommend anyone to work for Homewatch or needs care for their loved ones.

-Erin F.

If your loved one lives in any of the 8 Illinois counties below, there are financial resources available for respite care and other programs as well. For some of our families, a relative may be the daily caregiver but we help a few times a month to give the family member a much needed break. For any home care questions, please call Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville at 331-702-9975 or visit

Financial Resources Flyer

Come join us at the Senior Housing Options Expo on April 23rd (5-7 pm) and April 24th (9-12 pm) at Grace Point Church in Naperville! Over 50 agencies will be at SHOE with a wealth of information for you or your loved one about how to get the most out of your living experience.

Senior Housing Options Expo Flyer

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday

I value the opportunities Homewatch Caregivers has given me to help people in their time of need. These rewards cannot be measured. Surprisingly, it has also led to meaningful, lasting friendships with clients and their families.

-Jennifer K.

Congrats to our March Caregivers of the Month! Keep up the great work, Trina Glowienke and Ida Adjeiwaa!🌻 For questions about your homecare needs, call

Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville at 331-702-9975. Homewatch caregivers of the month

Come enjoy lunch and listen to Mayor Steve Chirico deliver the State of the City Address on March 16th from 11:15-1 pm at Embassy Suites by Hilton in Naperville. Please make your reservation as soon as possible!

Click here for more information!

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday We need short term, round the clock care for my mother as she declined. The caregivers were experienced with clients who were on hospice and understood the need for staying with familiar routines, giving repetitive compassionate care, and working with the requests of our family. It may take a few adjustments to get the right team but these ladies are fantastic caregivers! Homewatch Caregivers of Naperville is a professional agency to work with and my family recommends the great people who serve there.

-Keith S.

We love our caregivers at HWCG! Enjoyed honoring & celebrating them on Friday, National Caregivers Appreciation Day! Thanks for all you do! For any help with your home care needs, please call 331-702-9975 or visit

National Caregivers Appreciation Day!

Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville is pleased to be a member of The Home Care Association of America. HCAOA is a national association and its mission is to ensure the voice of in-home care organizations are heard and represented. They are the eyes and ears in Washington, DC. to advocate for the care that our families need and they deserve. For any help with your home care needs, please call 331-702-9925 .

2020 Award Homecare Association of America

Please check out the new show Seniors Today hosted by our very own Homewatch CareGivers Administrator, Dennise Vaughn. The show is about helping seniors live their very best lives.

The premier episode (link below) is about Where To Enjoy Senior Activities!

Click here to view the premier episode!

Stay tuned for more information to watch more informative episodes on NCTV17 at 7 pm monthly!

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday

I highly recommend Homewatch Caregivers, Dennise and the office staff are very helpful, they provide great care I can’t say enough about how thankful I am that they are here to help us!

-Tamera M.

Please join us for an informational & educational seminar on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6 p.m. The topic will be Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? For any of your home care needs, please call

Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville at (331) 214-3272 or visit our Naperville site.

First Tuesday Supportive Series Flyer

Testimonial Tuesday!

Testimonial Tuesday Flyer The team at Home Watch are wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable people. Dennise and her team have gone above and beyond to accommodate clients who are often in very tough situations.

-Kerry K.

Naperville Chamber of Commerce, Women In Business Go Red at Bill Jacobs BMW! National Wear Red Day! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.

Help us support Heart Disease Awareness!

The Chamber Goes Red FlyerNaperville Chamber of Commerce Event  Naperville Chamber of Commerce Event

National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 7th! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. So, wear red tomorrow to support Heart Disease Awareness Day. #WearRedDay helps us create awareness so please help us spread the word!

National Wear Red Day Flyer

Please join Naperville Education Foundation for its 27th Annual Building a Passion Breakfast fundraiser on March 19 at 7 am! Experience the impact NEF funding has on student learning and see how there’s “no place like 203!” Registration is below!

Click here to register today!

Join us for Seniors Today at Lisle Senior Center on February 18 at 11 am! First 50 people to RSVP can enjoy our Launch Party and lunch.

Seniors Today is on NCTV17! Hope to see you there!

Seniors Today Flyer

Congrats to our February caregivers of the month! Keep up the awesome job Jennifer and Linda! 🀩 πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ’šπŸ’› 🌻

Caregivers of the Month

Join DuPage Pads for their 14th Annual Taste of Hope on March 5 at Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace!

Guests will sample signature dishes from 25 of the area’s leading upscale restaurants. Event also includes live and silent auction, wine pull and raffles. Proceeds will support individuals and families who are homeless in obtaining housing, support services and employment. RSVP soon to save as ticket price increases after 2/16!

Click here for more information on this event!

Come join us on March 6 for An Evening in Paris - Dinner Dance and Silent Auction! Dancing with The Chamber Stars in Lisle! Early bird pricing ends 1/31 so RSVP now for an amazing evening! Ooh La La, Lisle...

Click here for more information!

Congratulations Dennise Vaughn and the Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville office on being selected as a national Homewatch CareGivers Ambassador office. The top offices in the Homewatch CareGivers network were selected to be the host locations for other owners looking to learn best practices in operations, caregiver retention, marketing and overall performance. Great job HWCG of Naperville! For more information, please call (331) 214-3272 or

Dennise Vaughn selected to be national Homewatch Caregivers Ambassador office

Please consider joining us at the Little Friend’s Benefit Auction on Saturday, March 7th 6:00pm at the Sheraton Lisle/Naperville. The mission of Little Friend’s is empowering children and adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities and their families to live, learn, work and thrive in their communities! Click below to learn more!

Learn More

If you're feeling lonely? Call the Friendship Line today- (800)-971-0016!Friendship Line information

Please join us for an informational and educational seminar on The Changing Face of Home Care on Tuesday, February 4 at 2 p.m. We hope to see you there! For any of your home care needs, please call HWCG of Naperville at 331-702-9975 or visit

A flyer for First Tuesdays which is a series of topics on aging well.

Homewatch CareGivers Supports Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce

Homewatch CareGivers Administrator Dennise Vaughn attended the 2020 Gala to support the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Gala to support the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.Pictured left to right: Jane Wernette, Liz Spencer, Karyn Charvat, Dennise Vaughn and Julie Carlson.

Congratulations to our January caregivers of the month! Keep up the great job with your clients Diana and George!🌻 πŸ‘πŸ» 🀩 πŸ’›πŸ’š

Homewatch caregiver employee of the month George

HWCG of Naperville would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Here’s to happiness and good health in 2020!Homewatch Caregivers of Naperville staff welcoming in the new year

Come join us for a very educational and informative seminar on Senior Housing! For any questions related to your home care needs, please call HWCG of Naperville at (331)702-9975 or visit Hope to see you there!

Senior Housing 101

Amazing open house and great team at Avenida, 62+ Active Adult Community in Naperville. Grateful for our referral partners! Please contact us at

(331) 214-3272 or with any questions.

Referral partners

Christmas decorations Christmas presents

Please join us for the next informative and valuable talk about Senior Housing 101 on January 7, 2020!


Congratulations to our Caregivers of the month! Great job and keep being so wonderful with our clients. For more information about home care or becoming a caregiver, call 331-702-9975 or 🌻

Caregiver Spotlight for Desiree Chavez and Stacey Burke

Winter is here! Cold weather brings snow, icy conditions and more chances of falling/slipping. Here’s some helpful information to keep seniors and everyone safe and injury free out there.

Tips from a Penguin: How to avoid falling on the ice - See full article by clicking here.

On December 3rd, Homewatch CareGivers were co-sponsors for a CEU presenation held at Oak Trace, A Lifespace Community in Downers Grove, IL. From the left to right are Katie Guy (Oak Trace), fellow sponsor Kerry Quirin (Senior Living Experts), presenter Colleen Ceh Becvar (Trinity Advocacy Group), and Paul Beach (Homewatch CareGivers). ​

Katie Guy, Kerry Quirin, Colleen T, and Paul Beach at A CEU Presentation held at Oak Trace

Groovy evening at Monthly networking event (70’s style) with wonderful referral partners who have become our friends. For any of your home care needs, please call Homewatch CareGivers of Naperville at (331) 214-3272 or

Groovy event at Homewatch caregivers of NapervilleGroovy event at Homewatch Caregivers of Naperville Homewatch at Naperville Groovy eventGroovy sign for event at Homewatch caregivers of Naperville

This November 13th webinar is going to be amazing with Teresa Parks, Dennise Schultz Vaughn, and David Wetherow! Registration is open until slots are filled. If you’re someone wanting to learn how to get more involved in the disability community or have a friend in your life with a disability, this online event is for you too! We’re looking at community inclusion from all perspectives! Sneak peeks of the speaker slides from Teresa Parks and Dennise Vaughn include. –Intro to the Star Raft Process: Person-Centered Thinking and Circle building with Illinois Examples.

You do not want to miss this discussion and these two Illinois examples. The last half hour is reserved for Q&A. You still have time to register for tonight’s webinar at 7 pm CT! Just follow the link below.