November- A Clients Story

Our Client John

We stand to honor John, who served as a Marine in World War II, and thank him for his service. He was a gunnery, and as a result lost his hearing. John is a widower and misses his sweet wife every day. He loves to spend time with his two daughters and his grandchildren. John enjoys talking about our national history and politics. John is a proud supporter of Disabled American Veterans. Homewatch has been providing care for him since Feb 2018. Our caregivers assist John in showering, dressing, and getting ready the day. They assist with meal preparation, light housekeeping, and medication reminders. John has physical therapy exercises to do each day and Vicki encourages him to work hard at them. Since John no longer drives, our caregiver provides transportation for him to go to doctor’s appointments and to visit the VA in Bonham. John has one caregiver that comes to provide care three days a week.

  1. Why do like Homewatch?

Response: “Because they sent me Vicki. She takes care of me.”

  1. How has Homewatch been helpful to you?

Response: “Vicki helps me keep my home clean and does my laundry. She helps stay safe in the shower. She makes me cinnamon raisin bread, which I love. And she is helpful in taking me to my appointments.”

  1. Would you please share a favorite memory you have with your caregiver?

Response: “Vicki is intelligent, and I like talking with her. One day I remember laughing so hard together. We have a good time!”

  1. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Response: “Vicki is a good driver, and helpful. When we get to the grocery store, she goes and gets the electric cart for me and brings it to the car so that I don’t have to walk so far.”

We are thankful to provide the care that John needs. We look forward to helping him stay healthy and safe living at home for many years to come.

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